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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 282 - The Heavens Did Not Let Down the Persevering Nuo

Chapter 282: The Heavens Did Not Let Down the Persevering Nuo

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Bai Yi brought Ye Siming back to their own carriage.

Madam Bai was already waiting inside anxiously. When she heard that the princess and Ye Siming had encountered assassins, she was very worried.

In their eyes, Ye Siming was just an eight-year-old child.

Even if they were skilled, what if there were more of them?

When Ye Siming returned, Madam Bai quickly went forward. “I heard that you’re injured. Where are you hurt?”

As she asked, she turned around and took out the ointment she had brought on this trip, planning to take care of his wound.

Bai Yi smiled and said, “It’s just a small cut on my face. It’s fine. It’ll definitely be fine in two to three days.”

Madam Bai quickly glanced at Ye Siming’s cheek. There were still faint congealed blood beads on the slender wound.

She scolded Bai Yi angrily, “You have thick skin and thick flesh, so of course you think it’s fine! How old is Siming? He can’t be careless when he’s injured. What do you mean by fine? Go to the side!”

Bai Yi, who had been scolded by his wife, felt aggrieved.

Madam Bai wanted to help Ye Siming clean up his wounds, but the youth waved his hand and said that there was no need.

He wiped his face with a wet and hot handkerchief and turned to leave.

Madam Bai quickly asked, “Child, where are you going again? You’ve just been injured. Rest for a while!”

“No need,” he said calmly. “I just hunted two pheasants from the mountains. I’ll go deal with them. Gu Nuo’er might want to eat them later.”

Bai Yi and his wife watched as he walked out.

Bai Yi was puzzled. “Siming is very considerate to our little princess, just like an older brother.”

Madam Bai glanced at him. “Isn’t that good? This child must have suffered abuse in the past and is very guarded against others. I think he’s very happy when he’s with the princess!”

After saying that, Madam Bai pushed her husband. “Go and help him. Don’t just stand there. You’re his foster father after all!”

Bai Yi was pushed out of the carriage by his wife.

As he walked, he muttered, “Although I’m a foster father in name, sometimes, the way Siming looks at me seems as if he is many cycles1 older than me!”

On Gu Nuo’er’s side, after being coaxed to play by her mother, Noble Consort Qiao, she rubbed her eyes with her sleepy hands.

Noble Consort Qiao saw that it was getting late and that Gu Yihan had gone to settle the matter of clearing the mountain path.

They probably wouldn’t be able to leave for a while.

She patted Gu Nuo’er’s back and placed three layers of soft blankets on the carriage before placing the child down.

Noble Consort Qiao whispered gently, “Baby Nuo, sleep for a while. Mother will stay by your side.”

Under Gu Nuo’er’s slender eyebrows was a pair of big eyes that were like black pearls.

At this moment, her eyes were filled with sleepiness and she looked very obedient and cute.

She curled up her small body and found a comfortable position.

“Mother, then Baby Nuo will sleep for a while!”

After the child finished speaking, her pink lips trembled for a moment before she fell asleep.

Noble Consort Qiao covered her with a blanket dotingly.

She looked at Gu Nuo’er’s sleeping face beside her. Her cheeks were pink and delicate.

Her eyelashes which looked like two small brushes drooped down, making her look even more adorable like an exquisite child.

In her dream, Gu Nuo’er wasn’t idle either.

She flew to the Ninth Heaven and went straight to deity grandpa’s study!

The child rummaged through the bookshelves, sticking out her butt and looking for ancient books as if she was in a bottomless pit.

“Phew~” Finally, the heavens did not let down the persevering Nuo. She found it!

This Heavenly Book recorded all the demons that had appeared in the world since ancient times.

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand and muttered something.

The Heavenly Book unfolded itself in midair and the pages quickly flipped until they stopped at the page of the wolf demon that Gu Nuo’er was looking for.