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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Was This… A Reward?

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The sound of Ye Siming opening the cage attracted the black bear.

It turned its head and stared at the boy with its beastly eyes.

Ye Siming walked in leisurely as if he was strolling in his own backyard.

He closed the iron door behind him.

Gu Nuo’er watched with wide eyes.

No one saw that there seemed to be blue ripples spreading in the little princess’ black eyes.

She was prepared to control the bear at any time if it were to go berserk and hurt Ye Siming.

The black bear also moved slowly toward Ye Siming with its four limbs.


Gu Nuo’er felt that she was seeing things.

She seemed to have seen the shadow of a huge wolf appearing behind Brother Yeming.

This wolf bared its sharp teeth, emitted a black aura, and its eyes were red!

Its entire body looked like smoke, but the wolf head alone was huge!

It was just a glance, and it disappeared so quickly that Gu Nuo did not see it clearly.

The child rubbed her eyes with her fair hands. There was nothing behind Ye Siming.

It was as if what she saw earlier was just her imagination.

The black bear became very well-behaved.

It even backed off to a corner of the cage and didn’t bang its head against the iron cage anymore.

Ye Siming walked over, reached out his hand, and really did find a broken arrow in the tough fur behind its neck.

Wanxuan couldn’t help but let out a soft gasp.

This Ye Siming was really not an ordinary person. To think that the black bear, which had such a wild nature, was so well-behaved in front of him.

Wanxuan was shivering as she carried Gu Nuo’er.

However, the child in her arms was a lot calmer.

She watched as Ye Siming suddenly drew his arm back and plucked out the broken arrow without any hesitation.

A stream of black reddish blood splattered out.

Ye Siming moved very quickly and dodged to the side, so the blood didn’t dirty his clothes.

The black bear seemed to feel a lot better.

It slumped to the ground and leaned against the iron cage.

Ye Siming looked at the broken arrow in his hand. The arrowhead was sharp.

It should have been shot in the attempt to catch this black bear but wasn’t plucked out.

What Gu Nuo’er said was right. Anyone with a broken arrow in their body wouldn’t feel good.

Ye Siming held that arrowhead and walked out of the cage. He then locked it up once again and tossed the key to Little Lezi.

He then picked up the bloody meat that had fallen to the ground, not caring that they were dripping in blood, and tossed them into the cage.

The black bear had an appetite to eat now and crawled over to enjoy the fresh meat.

Ye Siming walked to Gu Nuo’er and said proudly, “It’s settled.”

The child was extremely satisfied.

She stretched out her little hand and waved it down. “Elder Brother Siming, lower your head!”

Ye Siming was perplexed and frowned. “What do you want?”

“Just lower your head!”

The child’s voice was soft as if she was acting spoiled.

Ye Siming squatted down unwillingly.

He wouldn’t lower his head to anyone. Squatting down was the greatest extent that he would give in to.

Suddenly, he felt a soft touch on the top of his head.

Gu Nuo’er had used her small hand to stroke his head.

“Elder Brother Siming is so amazing! I’ll give you a pat~”

Ye Siming opened his eyes wide, and a hint of a stunned look appeared on his unbridled face.

What was this Gu Nuo’er doing?!

Gu Nuo’er smiled so brightly that her eyes were curved into a pair of crescents. “Elder Brother Siming, you’re really a very good guy! Thank you for helping me and bear bear!”

Good guy?

This was the first time Ye Siming heard someone rating him like this.

The child’s hand was very soft, brushing past his hair and forehead like a spineless flower.

This strange comfortable feeling made Ye Siming forget to resist.

Wanxuan felt a lingering fear and did not dare to stay in this place for much longer.

She carried Gu Nuo’er and bade farewell to Ye Siming before rushing back.

Gu Nuo’er leaned on Wanxuan’s shoulder and waved with a sweet smile. “Bye bye~”

Ye Siming stood on the spot for a long time before coming back to his senses.

He raised his hand and touched the place Gu Nuo’er had touched.

Was this… a reward?