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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 280 - Baby Nuo, Don't Be Afraid, Father Is Here

Chapter 280: Baby Nuo, Don’t Be Afraid, Father Is Here

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Gu Nuo’er blinked her grape-like eyes twice, then turned around and jumped decisively into Ye Siming’s arms.

Her small hands immediately wrapped around his neck and she buried her face deep into it.

Ye Siming was afraid that she would fall and quickly wrapped his hand around her small body.

The wolf ears on his head had long disappeared.

Not long later, the flames got closer. Bai Yi was the first to notice Ye Siming and Gu Nuo’er. He shouted in surprise, “Your Majesty, the princess is here!”

Gu Yihan ran over quickly.

Everyone saw the princess’s number one guard, Ye Siming, hugging the princess tightly with a cold expression. His posture looked like he was protecting her tightly.

On the ground, there was an assassin who had been injured by an arrow and an accomplice who was foaming at the mouth!

“Baby Nuo!” Gu Yihan quickly went forward.

When the child heard her father’s call, she raised her head. Her big glass-like eyes were already filled with tears.

“Father, it’s so scary. Uncle Xue brought bad assassins and wanted to steal me. If Elder Brother Siming had come a little later, Baby Nuo wouldn’t have been able to see Father.”

Her voice was soft and with a faint sobbing tone. Her childish voice was filled with grievance and fear.

Gu Yihan’s heart ached.

Just now, when a crazy person ran down the mountain, the imperial guards thought that it was an assassin.

Gu Yihan took a closer look and realized that it was Vice Minister Xue after Chunshou’s reminder.

Lord Xue was disheveled and limping.

He even got mud on himself from somewhere and looked so pathetic!

The imperial guards were afraid that he would go crazy and hurt people, so they drew their swords to stop him from taking another step forward.

Gu Yihan narrowed his eyes and said in a faint tone, “Vice Minister Xue, I didn’t bring you along on this trip. Why did you come running down from the mountain?”

During the emperor’s hunt, the palace guards would clean up the forest in the surrounding area three days in advance.

This was to prevent assassins from ambushing them!

How did Vice Minister Xue get up there?

However, Lord Xue knelt in front of Gu Yihan.

He pointed at the forest behind him. “Demon… There’s a demon! The princess’s…”

He was already unable to say a complete sentence and looked like he had suffered a huge shock.

When Gu Yihan heard this, he suddenly frowned.

He went to send someone to check on his carriage and found out that Gu Nuo’er had long run away!

Gu Yihan got someone to keep an eye on Lord Xue, but the latter kept on struggling and wanted to escape.

“That demon will be coming down soon. If we don’t run, we’ll die!”

In the end, the commander of the imperial guards, Huo Guang, found him too noisy and struck the back of his neck. Lord Xue immediately fell limply.

Gu Yihan personally led the imperial guards up the mountain to search the forest, shouting Gu Nuo’er’s name everywhere they went.

Vice Minister Xue’s words were like a rock hanging in his heart.

It was said that there were demons and monsters deep in the mountains that people couldn’t come into contact with. Could Nuo’er have coincidentally encountered them when she ran up the mountain to play?

After all, Vice Minister Xue seemed to be in a crazy state, looking like he had been given a bad scare.

Gu Yihan didn’t think that he was lying.

However, the moment he saw Gu Nuo’er, the rock in Gu Yihan’s heart finally settled down.

He took Gu Nuo’er from Ye Siming’s arms and carefully hugged her to comfort her. “Baby Nuo, don’t be afraid. Father is here. No one can hurt you.”

Gu Nuo’er sniffed and buried her head in her father’s chest.

“Father, Elder Brother Siming is already injured. Baby Nuo is afraid. Will these bad assassin uncles come back?”

Gu Yihan turned his head and gestured for Chunshou to send men to search these assassins’ bodies to see if they could find any evidence.

He comforted Gu Nuo’er softly, “With Father around, I guarantee that they’ll die and never be able to return.”