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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 278 - Is Elder Brother Siming A Wolf Demon?

Chapter 278: Is Elder Brother Siming A Wolf Demon?

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Her childish voice made Ye Siming feel helpless.

He gritted his teeth, wanting to scare her, but he was really afraid that the girl would cry from fright.

In the end, Ye Siming reprimanded, “If you want to touch, touch them quickly! I’ll only allow you to do so one time.”

When the child heard this, her watery eyes sparkled.

She tried her best to straighten her small body and touched the two wolf ears on Ye Siming’s head.

When Gu Nuo’er touched the ears with her small hands, they twitched.

The child immediately exclaimed, “Elder Brother Siming, these are actually real!”

Ye Siming gritted his teeth. “Could it be that I’m wearing a pair of fake ears?”

Gu Nuo’er pinched the ears with both hands, feeling the extremely soft touch.

Wow! Elder Brother Siming felt a little similar to big meow…

As Gu Nuo’er’s small hand stroked the ears, Ye Siming managed to suppress the evil nature in his body for the first time at such a quick speed.

In the past, in the Asura Realm, he had a powerful evil force and they could not be easily suppressed.

Ever since he came out, he had searched for all sorts of ways to find amazing pills or medicine to reduce the burning sensation in his body when his evil nature acted up.

He even went to the Yaoxia Kingdom and killed 12 of their tribes that were known as godly existences, but he still couldn’t find a solution.

Unexpectedly, he felt a peaceful aura from Gu Nuo’er now.

It made Ye Siming’s entire body feel comfortable, and the pain brought by the powerful evil force also disappeared.

He stared at the fair-skinned child in front of him, trying to figure out what in her body was completely different from ordinary people.

However, Gu Nuo’er hid her true aura very well.

Although Ye Siming could sense that something was different, he couldn’t tell what it was.

He didn’t know that the child had been reincarnated from a koi celestial. Although she was a mortal, she was still different from others.

Therefore, Ye Siming naturally couldn’t tell what the problem was either.

He could only feel it from the bottom of his heart…

This little thing’s scent was very sweet.

Gu Nuo’er calmly accepted Ye Siming’s sizing her up and suddenly said softly, “Elder Brother Siming, this isn’t considered your repayment for the favor!”

Ye Siming was stunned for a moment before frowning. “What do you mean?”

“You told me before that you’re staying here because you’re indebted to me. You said that you’ll leave after repaying my kindness. But just now, it can’t be considered that you’ve saved me!

“Even if you don’t come, they’ll still have to die! Although I’m young, I have ways to subdue them!”

After saying that, the child wrapped her arms around Ye Siming’s neck again.

It was as if she was afraid that he would leave.

She pouted and said aggrievedly, “Elder Brother Siming, you can’t leave! This isn’t considered repaying a favor!”

Ye Siming lowered his eyes and looked at the child in his arms. The sweet fragrance of milk on Gu Nuo’er’s body wafted over.

He couldn’t help but relax his brows, and his expression became relaxed and no longer as sharp.

The youth pretended to be cold and said, “Aren’t you afraid now that you’ve known my identity?”

“I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid!” Gu Nuo’er quickly expressed in her childish voice, “I’m not even afraid of big meow and small meow. You’re my favorite dog older brother. I’m not afraid of you at all. Elder Brother Siming won’t hurt me!”

Ye Siming gritted his teeth, wishing he could eat this little thing.

“I’m a wolf, not a dog.”

“Uh… Then is Elder Brother Siming a wolf demon?” The child tilted her head, her watery eyes filled with curiosity.

Ye Siming paused and was about to answer.

Suddenly, rustling sounds came from not far away from the bushes in front of them.

Ye Siming’s eyes turned cold. He kicked the stone under his foot and a muffled groan came from the grass.