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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 272 - The Beef Pastry He Kept On Him

Chapter 272: The Beef Pastry He Kept On Him

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Noble Consort Qiao went forward and said, “Baby Nuo, come to Mother’s arms and I’ll get you some sweet pastries to eat, alright?”

They were in the middle of nowhere now and could only eat something simple to fill their stomachs.

However, Gu Yihan didn’t agree. He hugged Gu Nuo’er tightly in his arms and stared at Noble Consort Qiao. “You can’t fill your stomach by eating that. I brought bird’s nest soup this morning.

“I had also gotten the imperial guards to pick up firewood. We’ll start a fire on the spot later and give Baby Nuo hot soup to drink.”

However, the child pouted.

Her small face was fair and tender, like an egg with its shell removed, and her big eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

She looked around aggrievedly, looking for Ye Siming.

Suddenly, Gu Nuo’er saw Ye Siming standing beside Bai Yi and looking at her with raised eyebrows.

When he received Gu Nuo’er’s gaze, the youth understood and smiled calmly.

The child called out in her childish voice, “Elder Brother Siming, I’m hungry!”

Ye Siming walked over.

Gu Nuo’er immediately twisted her small body, wanting him to carry her.

Gu Yihan frowned. “Ye Siming, why did the princess think of you? Could it be that you brought milk out?”

Gu Nuo’er twisted her small body and corrected him fiercely, “Father! Baby Nuo is already three years old! I can grow up even without drinking milk. But in the past, Grandpa said that if I don’t eat meat, I won’t grow tall!”

Ye Siming took out a paper package. There were beef pastries made by Madam Bai inside.

He handed it to Gu Yihan. “It’s a little cold. Your Majesty can heat it up for the princess to eat.”

Bai Yi and his wife stood not far away nervously and looked in the emperor’s direction.

“The princess couldn’t possibly have called Siming to go over to have him go hunting in the mountains and then roast a bird to eat in front of the emperor, right…”

However, Madam Bai’s thoughts were different from her husband.

She frowned and said worriedly, “That was the breakfast I prepared for Siming. He didn’t eat it and kept it in a wax paper package. I thought he wanted to eat it on the way, but it turns out that he had saved them for the princess?

“Sigh, why didn’t this child say so earlier? We still have meat pastries left at home. It’s not like we can’t afford them. He is always thinking of giving everything he has to the princess. This habit is good, but it’s hard on him!”

Gu Yihan looked at the beef pastries. Before he could take it, Gu Nuo’er had already tried her best to extend her small hand, wanting to grab them.

Ye Siming handed it forward and the child took it.

She smiled sweetly, her white teeth making her pink lips look even softer and cute.

“Wow, they are still warm!” Gu Nuo’er opened the wax paper packaging with her small hands, grabbed a small piece, and put it into her mouth.

Ye Siming’s expression did not change. He felt a little happy to see her eating in satisfaction.

Of course it was warm. He had kept in on him.

Gu Yihan couldn’t do anything about his precious daughter. He placed Gu Nuo’er back in the carriage and let her sit down to eat slowly and drink some water.

“Father will go and arrange for the imperial guards to clear the way and get them to start a fire. You and Ye Siming can sit here and wait obediently, alright?”

Gu Nuo’er nodded.

Noble Consort Qiao knew that Ye Siming was a person of few words, but he was reliable.

As the person in charge of the harem, she also needed to comfort the frightened consorts.

Noble Consort Qiao stroked Gu Nuo’er’s small face. “Mother will be back in a while. Don’t run around. The forest here is very deep. If you get lost, Mother won’t be able to find you.”

The emperor and Noble Consort Qiao both left.

Gu Nuo’er moved her small body and patted the seat beside her.

“Elder Brother Siming, sit next to me!”

However, Ye Siming tidied up the bow and arrow on his back and said, “No, I’ll go into the mountains to take a look. If there are wild rabbits and pheasants, I’ll catch and roast them for you to eat.”