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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 270 - Assassin Who Was Washed Down by Flash Flood

Chapter 270: Assassin Who Was Washed Down by Flash Flood

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A short moment passed by again.

Gu Nuo’er’s words were verified one after another.

First, the wooden bridge in front was broken by the flash flood coming down the mountain.

Then, the mountain path behind them was cut off by the mud torrent.

Now, they could neither advance nor retreat.

If Gu Nuo’er hadn’t asked the carriages to stop here in advance…

It would probably be even more difficult for them to move if they had moved further to the front.

If they were unlucky, they might even be buried in the mountains by the mud torrent!

Some of the officials who were complaining earlier didn’t dare to say anything else.

She could only look at the dark sky through the carriage window in a daze. The heavy rain showed no signs of weakening.

They began to worry if they would be able to tide through the night safely.

The imperial guards rode their horses and patrolled around the carriages.

He kept shouting, “His Majesty has ordered everyone to stay in the carriage and not come out without permission. If anyone disobeys and ends up dying, you’ll have to bear the consequences yourself!”

The carriage Ye Siming was in was very close to the mountain.

He was quietly wiping the arrows when he suddenly frowned and his ears twitched.

Ye Siming lifted the curtain warily and looked out.

The sky was gloomy as if night was coming.

Under the violent wind and rain, the forest not far away shook.

The forest was dark and one couldn’t see clearly.

However, Ye Siming said decisively, “There are people in the forest, and there are many of them.”

Bai Yi was stunned.

After Ye Siming finished speaking, he wanted to get out of the carriage to check on the situation.

Madam Bai quickly grabbed his wrist. “Siming! Don’t go. The rain outside is very heavy and it’s too dangerous.”

Bai Yi also said in a deep voice, “I’ll tell Commander Huo Guang about this. Siming, don’t go out and take the risk.”

However, Ye Siming looked at the heavy rain outside and a trace of confusion flashed across his black and deep eyes.

An environment like this was considered dangerous?

When the imperial guards passed by, Bai Yi called out to Huo Guang, “Commander Huo, my foster son feels that there are people in the forest over there. Please go and take a look.”

Huo Guang turned his head and looked at the dense forest not far away. It looked very quiet in the rainy night.

He shook his head. “That’s impossible. There’s a flash flood over there. If there was anyone there, they would have been injured long ago.”

However, Bai Yi insisted, “Siming has always been vigilant. Why don’t we do this? I’ll get out of the carriage and go take a look with you. Otherwise, I’ll feel bad for asking you to make a wasted trip.”

Huo Guang frowned. “General Bai, the situation outside is dangerous. You don’t have to get out of the carriage.”

However, Bai Yi had already lifted the curtain and left the carriage. “I’m also the emperor’s general. At this juncture, I can’t let you guys face it alone. Let’s go.”

He had just gotten off the carriage when he heard the curtain being lifted behind him.

Madam Bai exclaimed, “Siming!”

Bai Yi turned around and saw that Ye Siming had already gotten out of the carriage with him.

He quickly said, “Why are you following us? Hurry up and go back!”

Ye Siming glanced at him, his handsome and cold face calm.

“I’ll lead the way.”

As he spoke, he walked in front alone without even holding an umbrella.

Bai Yi quickly followed, followed by Huo Guang and the other imperial guards.

When they entered the forest, it was even darker!

Not to mention that the rain made their vision very blurry.

The imperial guards were usually well-trained and walked unsteadily. There were a few times when they almost fell.

However, Ye Siming’s lower body was stable as if he was walking on flat ground.

He didn’t forget to reach out to help Bai Yi occasionally.

The youth led the way in front. After walking for a while, he stopped.

Ye Siming’s cold brows gradually furrowed.

Bai Yi and Huo Guang supported themselves against tree trunks and looked up. They were immediately stunned by the scene in front of them!

The people lying on the ground were actually men dressed in black!

From the looks of it, they seemed to have been hiding on the mountain but were washed down, and then they fainted from the heavy rain.