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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 268 - It Was The Little Princess's Good Fortune That Helped Him

Chapter 268: It Was The Little Princess’s Good Fortune That Helped Him

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Chunshou nodded and placed the black chess piece in his sleeve. He then quickly went to the back to check what was going on.

He waded through the muddy water all the way to the back of the train of carriages.

It turned out that two beautiful consorts had quarreled over something. The two of them didn’t see eye to eye and one of them pushed the other off the carriage.

Eunuch Chunshou was a little angry.

At this moment, these two beauties were still causing trouble!

Seeing that they weren’t consorts who were favored by the emperor, Eunuch Chunshou warned them with a serious expression, “Young Mistresses, your cries have alarmed the emperor!

“The emperor has said that in such heavy rain, you have to carefully ensure your own safety. If the two of you still push each other like this, this servant will have no choice but to show no mercy.

“According to the emperor’s instructions, I’ll chase you all out and not care about anything else! Young Mistresses, you’ll have to think about whether doing this is good or bad!”

When the two beauties heard this, they felt a lingering fear.

The emperor would not show mercy to them. Moreover, they were not favored by him.

The two of them quickly persuaded, “Eunuch Chunshou, don’t be angry. The two of us will wait obediently in the carriage.”

After saying that, they retracted their heads.

Only then did Eunuch Chunshou snort coldly.

He had planned to return to Gu Yihan’s place to give his report.

However, when he passed by a slightly inclined slope, he suddenly slipped!

Eunuch Chunshou lost his balance and immediately fell to the ground and got messed up with the wet mud. His body slid down uncontrollably.

He let out a surprised cry, “Help!”

If he were to slide further down the slope, he’d fall off the cliff to the bottom!

The commander of the imperial guards, Huo Guang, was patrolling and supervising the safety of the emperor’s consorts and officials.

When he heard Chunshou’s cry for help, he quickly ran over with his men.

However, it was already too late. Chunshou had already slid off the mountain path and was about to fall off the cliff!

He was shocked. “Eunuch Chunshou!”

However, the danger of the rainwater flowing down the mountain and gathering into a small stream made Huo Guang hesitate to go forward.

Once they went over, they might not be able to save him and they might even lose their lives!

There were several times when Eunuch Chunshou wanted to struggle up by himself, but the mud on the mountain below him was mixed with rainwater and was extremely slippery!

He was unable to stand up at all and could only struggle and slide lower and lower.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, he kept waving his arms, causing his sleeve to hang on a branch that was sticking out horizontally.

This seemingly fragile branch that could break at any moment actually stably stopped Eunuch Chunshou’s sliding figure.

Commander Huo Guang also took one step at a time and carefully led the imperial guards to Chunshou’s side.

They worked together to help Chunshou up. Then, using their swords as walking sticks, they slowly climbed back.

Chunshou sat on the ground weakly, panting heavily.

His entire body was muddy and he was in a sorry state.

“God bless… God bless…” He muttered.

He didn’t even have the energy to reply to Commander Huo Guang’s concerned questions.

He almost stepped into the gates of hell!

Suddenly, something in his sleeve rolled out and fell to the ground.

It was the black chess piece that the princess had given him.

Perhaps it was Chunshou’s imagination, but when he glanced over from the corner of his eye, he actually felt that there was a faint halo around this black piece. However, very quickly, the halo gradually dissipated.

Chunshou watched in shock.

He wondered if it was the little princess’s good fortune that helped him.

Gu Nuo’er, who was far away in Gu Yihan’s carriage, had long sensed everything.

The black chess piece had her spiritual energy attached to it. After saving Chunshou’s life, it naturally became ordinary again.