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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 265 - Fierce Storm, Keep Your Pastry

Chapter 265: Fierce Storm, Keep Your Pastry

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Ye Siming raised his eyebrows. “Are you hungry? Do you want to try the beef pastry Madam Bai made?”

Gu Nuo’er lowered her head, her lively eyes revealing a hint of urgency.

“Elder Brother Siming, it’s going to rain heavily soon. There’ll be a fierce storm. Keep your pastry, we might not be able to eat tonight!”

When Ye Siming heard this, he looked up at the still blue sky.

There was no sign of rain.

However, he knew that the child was never one to brag or lie.

Previously, at the state school, he heard a group of people discussing Xue Yumeng.

They said that Gu Nuo’er had long known that there would be a storm.

However, the sky was clear at that time. How did she make such a judgment?

Just like now, how did she know that heavy rain was about to come?

Ye Siming sniffed but couldn’t smell any rain.

He frowned. “How long before it starts?”

“In an hour. The bridge in front will break from seething water and the mountain path behind will also be destroyed by a flood. We’ll definitely be trapped here tonight!”

Ye Siming thought for a moment. “I’ll go ahead and stop the water from breaking the bridge.”

The child quickly reached out her small hand, wanting to pull him.

However, she was in the carriage while he was outside. There was still some distance between them.

Gu Nuo’er didn’t catch him and almost fell out.

Fortunately, Ye Siming was quick. He suddenly held down her swaying body and carefully pushed her back into the carriage.

She shook her head vigorously and puffed up her cheeks. “Elder Brother Siming, don’t go. The water is very strong and it’ll wash you away!”

No matter how good a dog was at swimming, it wouldn’t be able to withstand it!

The child’s cute brows furrowed into caterpillars. “Actually, an hour is enough for us to leave. However, our team is too long and the path down the mountain is very narrow.

“When it rains, a portion of people will be buried under the mud. We can’t let anyone lose their life. In that case, I’ve decided to stay put and wait until tomorrow!”

Ye Siming was about to speak when Gu Yihan couldn’t help but ask, “Baby Nuo, what are you talking about?”

The child turned around. She probably didn’t want to cause her father to worry and didn’t say that a flood was about to come.

Her soft voice sounded. “I’m playing with Elder Brother Siming! Father, can you give the order to let two to three people sit in the same carriage? Try as much as possible to get them to squeeze around us. Baby Nuo doesn’t want everyone to be too separated.”

On this trip, the consorts each had a carriage, and the officials also came with their families.

There were also palace maids, eunuchs, and guards, as well as the maids and servants from the officials’ families.

The group was very grand.

If Gu Nuo’er wanted to ensure everyone’s safety, she had to get them to stay closer together!

The child didn’t forget to say, “Baby Nuo misses Mother. Can you let Mother come to our carriage too?”

Gu Yihan naturally didn’t object. He just thought that his daughter was bored and wanted everyone to accompany her to play games.

He waved his hand and sent someone to pass down the order.

However, this arrangement made the officials in front complain endlessly.

Some of them were political enemies, but now, they had to sit in the same carriage and look at each other because of the little princess’s words!

That was really a case of a meeting between enemies!

Bai Yi squeezed into the same carriage with a civil official and a military official.

The two of them had been enemies for a very long time, having different political views since their grandfather’s generation.

The two of them sandwiched Bai Yi in the middle and sat on both sides. Their gazes were enough to kill mosquitoes.

Bai Yi didn’t know whether he should persuade them.

Outside, someone even got off the carriage and complained softly to others.

“His Majesty is too much. The little princess is so willful, but why is His Majesty still letting her fool around?!”