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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 253 - Prince Xuan's Heir, Yun Linzhou

Chapter 253: Prince Xuan’s Heir, Yun Linzhou

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Xie Liuhua didn’t forget to remind him, “If those imperial guards don’t let you carry the baby tiger, just cry and make a fuss, saying that you’re a prince yet they refuse to listen to you!”

Yun Linzhou nodded and turned to run toward the front courtyard.

The imperial guards often moved around the palace, so they had naturally seen Prince Xuan’s heir before.

Therefore, when Yun Linzhou approached, all of them lowered their heads. “Your Highness.”

However, Yun Linzhou could not be bothered to respond to them.

This was because his gaze was completely attracted to the two white tigers in the cage.

The little white tiger seemed to be still sleepy and stretched in its mother’s arms.

The tigress was leisurely basking in the sun, not forgetting to lick the little white tiger’s fur from time to time.

Yun Linzhou saw that the little white tiger’s fur was snow-white and with a few tufts of gray fur, accentuating its specialness.

He had never carried a small animal like this before

Therefore, he quickly did as Xie Liuhua said and said to the imperial guards, “The princess wants me to carry the little white tiger to play!”

The imperial guards looked at each other and frowned in confusion. “The princess said that?”

Yun Linzhou nodded vigorously. “Yes!”

The imperial guards were doubtful.

However, Princess Yaoguang had always been friendly to others. When everyone else was crowding around to look at the white tiger just now, she didn’t appear unhappy at all.

Moreover, the emperor had brought the white tigers here to broaden everyone’s horizons, with the main reason being to support the princess.

Then there was no reason not to let Prince Yun carry the white tiger.

Perhaps when the little princess heard that he wanted to carry the baby tiger, she immediately agreed?

When Yun Linzhou saw that they hadn’t moved for a long time, he immediately became anxious. He cried and banged on the cage. “Give me the little tiger! Let me see it!”

His actions frightened the tigress in the cage.

It immediately arched its entire body and glared fiercely at Yun Linzhou, looking like it would pounce over at any moment.

The imperial guards were afraid that if he continued to make a fuss, it would cause a greater commotion.

Moreover, he was Prince Xuan’s heir. No matter what he did, Prince Xuan would bear the responsibility.

The imperial guards thought about it again and again before throwing in a rope that was tied with cloth. They piqued the little white tiger’s interest and it chased after the rope.

When the little tiger got near the cage’s door, the imperial guards quickly opened the cage and carried the little white tiger out.

When the soft little tiger was brought into his arms, Yun Linzhou’s eyes widened.

Perhaps because this embrace was too unfamiliar, the little white tiger twisted its body uneasily, as if it wanted to get off and escape.

The tigress in the cage growled even more anxiously, gently nudging its head against the cage from time to time.

It seemed to still remember that Gu Nuo’er had told it to be good and not scare everyone.

Yun Linzhou hugged the little white tiger tightly and turned to run toward the place he had agreed to meet up with Xie Liuhua.

Initially, Xie Liuhua didn’t have much hope. After all, she had instigated a fool. He might mess things up.

However, when she saw Yun Linzhou appear with the little white tiger in his arms, she still revealed a happy expression. “You really brought it here!”

However, Yun Linzhou did not look at her. His attention was all on the little white tiger.

He gently stroked the white tiger’s head and fed it all the braised pork from his lunch.

Seeing that it was eating heartily, Yun Linzhou’s clear and kind eyes were filled with smiles.

However, at this moment, Xie Liuhua suddenly snatched the little white tiger from his arms.

Yun Linzhou became anxious and he stood up, saying, “Give it to me!”

Xie Liuhua said with a fake smile, “Your Highness, let’s play hide-and-seek. Cover your eyes with your hands and count to 20. Then, come and look for us. If you find us, I’ll let you carry the little white tiger for a day.”

After saying that, she ran off in a direction.

Yun Linzhou was extremely anxious but didn’t know how to be flexible.

He quickly covered his eyes and started counting honestly.