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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 252 - Taking Advantage of the Foolish Prince, Bad Intentions!

Chapter 252: Taking Advantage of the Foolish Prince, Bad Intentions!

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Jiang Xiaoran turned around, feeling puzzled. “I thought you didn’t want it?”

There was a hint of discomfort in Ye Siming’s cold eyes. “It’s troublesome for you to run back to return the painting. Sell it to me.”

“I’m not selling it. You can have it. We’re brothers. Talking about money will hurt our relationship!”

Ye Siming took out a silver ingot from his sleeve and threw it to Jiang Xiaoran.

He then took the painting away and said to Jiang Xiaoran heartlessly, “I don’t have any feelings for you, so how can our relationship be hurt? Take the money. I won’t take other people’s things for nothing.”

After saying that, he turned around. Feeling that it was time, he took the initiative to pick up Gu Nuo’er and walk toward the dining hall.

Jiang Xiaoran was left holding an ingot of silver in a daze.

He looked at Ye Siming’s back view and then at the silver in his hand.

“Siming seems to have given too much!”

In a remote corner of the state school.

A boy who was about seven or eight years old was eating alone.

He looked like he was wearing expensive clothes.

He looked very handsome. When he grew up, he would definitely be a young master with gentle facial features.

However, his eyes looked a little foolish and dazed.

He was also different from others. He grabbed the rice with his hands and ate until the front of his clothes was extremely dirty.

From time to time, butterflies would fly past.

He would smile foolishly and shout, “Butterflies fly~”

His intelligence was even inferior to a three-year-old child.

This was Prince Xuan’s son, Yun Linzhou.

Prince Xuan was a prince who didn’t bear the royal surname. Back then, when Gu Yihan went south and was assassinated and surrounded by enemies, Prince Xuan risked his life to protect the emperor from danger.

However, he was seriously injured and almost lost his life.

After returning to the capital, Gu Yihan made an exception and directly conferred him the title of a prince.

Prince Xuan would never have to worry about food and drink for the rest of his life.

However, Prince Xuan only had one son. Ever since his son was born, the imperial physician said that he had missing heart meridians.

To put it bluntly, he was a fool.

Although Yun Linzhou was a prince and had servants attending to him since young, there were times when the servants were negligent.

In order to make his son look like a normal person, Prince Xuan used his connections to send him to the state school.

It was just so that Yun Linzhou could be happier every day and make more friends. Perhaps with this, he would be enlightened one day.

However, there were still people in the state school who knew that Yun Linzhou was Prince Xuan’s heir yet they still pointed fingers at him behind his back.

Although Yun Linzhou was foolish, he could still feel the malice of others.

Therefore, he often liked to avoid everyone and hide alone.

This time was no exception.

His mouth was filled with grease from eating. Just as he was about to leave the food and chase after the butterfly…

A pair of embroidered shoes suddenly stood in front of Yun Linzhou.

He looked up and saw Xie Liuhua standing in front of him with a faint smile.

“Prince Yun1, why are you here alone?”

Yun Linzhou smiled foolishly and pointed at himself. “Eat.”

After saying that, he grabbed Xie Liuhua’s sleeve and pointed to the flowers at the side, smiling happily. “Butterfly~”

Xie Liuhua endured the disgust brought by his greasy fingers.

She smiled gently and said slowly, “How can butterflies be more fun than baby tigers? Have you seen a baby tiger before?”

“Tiger?” Yun Linzhou blinked in surprise. “Where is it?”

“It’s in the courtyard in front. The baby tiger is very cute. Its fur is snow-white and its eyes are blue. It’s also very obedient. Do you want to carry it and take a look?”

Yun Linzhou quickly nodded and smiled foolishly. “Yes!”

A cold smile flashed across Xie Liuhua’s eyes.

“Then walk to the courtyard in front and tell the person guarding the little white tiger that the princess asked you to carry the white tiger to take a look. Then come over here. I’ll still wait for you here. Is that alright?”

“Alright!” The foolish prince still didn’t know that he had been used and agreed innocently.