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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 251 - The Wolf Youth Who Said One Thing But Meant Another

Chapter 251: The Wolf Youth Who Said One Thing But Meant Another

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In the crowd, Xie Liuhua, who was watching, kept on gritting her teeth.

Was this Princess Yaoguang deliberately slapping her face?

Yesterday, she had tried to make things difficult for the princess, wanting to get the princess to invite them all to the palace to see the white tiger.

She had wanted to use this to make everyone think that Gu Nuo’er was a petty person who was unwilling to share.

Unexpectedly, she suffered under the princess’s sharp tongue yesterday.

Today, this Gu Nuo’er simply brought the white tigers directly to the state school!

Everyone surrounded Gu Nuo’er and praised her for being good at educating her beloved pet. The white tiger bloodline flowed with beastly nature and it was easy for them to hurt others.

However, the one in the princess’s arms was so obedient.

Everyone was full of praise for Gu Nuo’er and this made Xie Liuhua feel very upset.

Everyone must have misjudged her. If Princess Yaoguang was really cute and smart, why would she be in cahoots with her eldest sister, Xie Yinxiang?

Could she not tell that Xie Yinxiang was a brat without a mother to bring her up?!

The more Xie Liuhua thought about it, the angrier she felt.

This was especially when, recently in the residence, her father had taken Xie Yinxiang more seriously.

Whenever there was anything good, her father would let Xie Yinxiang use it first.

She heard that not long later, Xie Yinxiang would also be able to enter the state school to attend classes.

Xie Yinxiang also seemed to have become a different person. She used to be crazy in the past, but now, her mind was clear.

Xie Liuhua felt that Gu Nuo’er must have given Xie Yinxiang an idea.

The more Xie Liuhua thought about it, the angrier he became. She had to teach Gu Nuo’er a lesson!

She didn’t dare to offend the princess openly, but how could she be afraid that the three-year-old girl would notice anything if she were to play tricks secretly in the dark?

Xie Liuhua’s vicious gaze swept across the little white tiger in Gu Nuo’er’s arms.

She thought of a plan.

Everyone watched the white tiger for a long time but still found it novel.

It was as if they could not get tired of watching every move of the two white tigers.

Everyone was very envious of Gu Nuo’er.

She had two cute and obedient ferocious beasts at home that she could carry and play with at any time. How satisfying was that?

The teacher saw that it was about time and felt that they couldn’t let the princess get tired from accompanying the others.

A few teachers called out to their students at the same time, saying that they needed to return to the classroom to continue the class.

Everyone was reluctant to leave, but they were also satisfied with having seen the white tigers.

Just now, 32 poems about white tigers were born and 16 paintings of white tigers were drawn.

In their hearts, the teachers attributed this to Gu Nuo’er.

At this moment, the child’s arm that was hugging the little white tiger was also sore.

The little white tiger had grown up a little now and it was a little tiring to keep on carrying it.

Gu Nuo’er handed the little white tiger to the imperial guards, wanting to send it to the cage.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoran brought a painting to Ye Siming’s side and rolled it out for him to see.

“Look, a classmate drew it just now. I think the painting is very well done and I bought it at a high price for you guys.”

Ye Siming glanced sideways to take a look.

In the painting, the white tiger wasn’t the main focus.

The main focus was under the warm sunlight, the child smiling sweetly and cutely while the little white tiger in her arms bit the youth’s sleeve mischievously.

The boy frowned unhappily, but his gaze landed on the child beside him.

This was a warm painting.

Jiang Xiaoran saw that Ye Siming had taken a few more glances and said proudly, “It’s not bad, right? I felt that the concept was very good, so I quickly spent some money to buy it. Here, this is for you.”

“I don’t want it.” Ye Siming pretended to be cold and rejected him.

Jiang Xiaoran was stunned. “No way. Siming, this painting is so good, but you don’t like it?”

Ye Siming pursed his thin lips and didn’t say anything.

Jiang Xiaoran sighed. His attempt to curry up to him had failed again.

“It seems that I can only return the painting to that person.”

At this moment, Ye Siming’s cold question sounded behind him—

“Forget it. It’s also tiring for you to run back and forth. Why don’t you give this painting to me?”