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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 250 - Snatch My Little Master, Bite Him!

Chapter 250: Snatch My Little Master, Bite Him!

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When the cage was opened, the tigress lying in the corner moved.

The surrounding students immediately let out panicked cries.

Gu Nuo’er said in a soft voice, “Big meow, you have to be good. Don’t scare everyone.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the tigress lay back down obediently.

Her round ice-blue eyes were as cute as a kitten waiting for its master’s pity.

Gu Nuo’er carried the little white tiger in her arms.

After receiving the little master’s hug, the baby tiger immediately rubbed its head against Gu Nuo’er.

It was so happy that it placed its limbs in the air and let out a childish howl.

Its round ice-blue eyes would glance at Ye Siming from time to time.

Ye Siming probably sensed the little white tiger’s provocation and looked down, crossing his arms and sneering.

He could kill one of these with one hand easily.

If it wasn’t because he was afraid that the child would cry, he would not have held back.

However, because Gu Nuo’er and Ye Siming were standing very close to each other, the little white tiger saw that Ye Siming was ignoring it.

It actually stuck out her head and bit Ye Siming’s sleeve.

It was not afraid of Ye Siming’s dangerous aura. It bit his sleeve and shook its head a little, letting out a howl.

This person snatched its little master! Bite him!

When the tigress saw from the cage that her son was provoking the big shot, she stood up anxiously and paced back and forth uneasily.

The surrounding students couldn’t help but move a little closer and were full of exclamations as they looked at the little white tiger in Gu Nuo’er’s arms.

“Princess, your little white tiger is so cute! If only I could have one too.”

“I want to touch it. Does it bite?”

Gu Nuo’er smiled sweetly and stroked the little white tiger’s head, introducing it happily to her classmates.

She didn’t notice that the baby tiger in her arms was just short of tearing a hole in Ye Siming’s sleeve.

In the end, Ye Siming couldn’t take it anymore. He gritted his teeth and reminded, “Gu, Nuo’er, this cat is too presumptuous.”

Only then did Gu Nuo’er turn her small face and look at the little white tiger that was “fighting” with Ye Siming’s sleeve.

Her laughter was crisp as she saved Ye Siming’s sleeve with her small hand.

“Little meow, you can’t be so rude. Hurry up and apologize to Elder Brother Siming!”

The little white tiger stretched out its pink paw and smacked Ye Siming’s arm.

This big wolf snatched its little master! Hit him!

Ye Siming looked like his patience was wearing thin, but when he saw Gu Nuo’er’s increasingly sweet and cute smile, he eased up a little.

He sneered coldly. “I really don’t know what benefits there are in raising such a thing. It doesn’t know how to hunt or protect people. It can only amuse people.”

Gu Nuo’er puffed up her cheeks and said with her pink lips, “Elder Brother Siming, don’t be too strict. Little meow is still a baby!”

The little white tiger was mischievous and liked to bite things. It was very destructive.

However, it didn’t bite people. This was probably because it had gotten familiar with Gu Nuo’er and knew that people were good.

The surrounding classmates who were watching became a little bolder and approached to stroke the little white tiger’s head in turns.

Its fur was soft like a newborn kitten and it was very adorable.

Some of the students didn’t dare to reach out their hands, but Gu Nuo’er didn’t forget to carry the little white tiger over and encourage them in a soft voice.

For a moment, everyone had a good impression of the little princess and her beloved pet.

If it wasn’t for the princess, no one would have seen such a precious white tiger!

When the students from other classes heard the news, they quickly gathered over here.

For a moment, poems with white tigers as the topic kept on ringing out endlessly.

There were even students with superb painting skills who drew the white tiger’s charm in detail on the spot.