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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 242 - If I Could Live, I'm Your Elder Brother

Chapter 242: If I Could Live, I’m Your Elder Brother

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The ghost’s face was pale and there were many bloodstains and bruises on his body.

However, the intense hatred in his eyes had disappeared and was replaced by a childlike frankness and naivety.

Gu Nuo’er saw him slowly kneel and kowtow in the direction of the door.

“My mother didn’t give birth to me and took away my life. I hate her very much. But since I’m leaving now, I still have to kowtow to her.

“I have to thank her for carrying me for six months. Before she found out that I was a boy, she spoke to me gently. Actually, I heard everything. Later on, she also fed me with her own blood.

“She was a woman who had endured the hardships of pregnancy and then killed me heartlessly. Perhaps there was a moment when she really loved me. No matter what, I don’t owe her anything anymore!”

The green glow around the ghost became even dimmer.

Gu Nuo’er knew that once he let go of his obsession and his hatred dissipated, it would be time for him to leave.

The ghost stood up and closed his eyes obediently. “Elder Sister, I’m ready!”

Gu Nuo’er’s fair face was round and cute. She reached out her small hand again and slowly pressed it between the little malicious ghost’s eyebrows.

“Don’t be afraid. I promised you that I would help you reincarnate. Goodbye, little brother!”

The watery light in her palm shone again.

It lit up the entire room like a galaxy.

Gu Nuo’er’s spiritual energy kept on cleaning up the injuries on the little ghost.

It soothed every bruise and bloodstain on his body.

The little malicious ghost opened his eyes, his big eyes looking a little mischievous. “That’s not right. If I could live, I’m your elder brother!”

Gu Nuo’er puffed up her pink cheeks in protest. “You were calling me Elder Sister first!”

The little malicious ghost child’s smile had a hint of bitterness.

“You’re really a good person. If I could be your elder brother, I’d definitely be very happy. Goodbye, Little Nuo’er.”

Gu Nuo’er pursed her pink lips and nodded gently.

As the ghost was completely enveloped by the aqua blue light, in just a moment, it turned into specks of crystal and floated out of the window with the blue light, spinning into the depths of the night sky.

Gu Nuo’er had her small hands on the window, her long eyelashes fluttering and her bright eyes looking at the sky.

The surrounding night was quiet and beautiful. The insects lay in the grass and let out low cries.

“Even though he was born from evil thoughts and was even deprived of the right to live, he was actually able to let go of his obsession at the last moment.”

Regrettably, he hadn’t even left a name behind.

The child muttered softly, “Grandpa Heavenly Dao, is this what you want me to experience? The various forms of the mortal world?”

The sky was vast and the galaxy stretched for ten thousand miles.

In the sky, the gods didn’t answer Baby Nuo’s question.

Only the evening breeze that blew over was very stable and comfortable.

The next day, the news spread that Beauty Su had killed her son and raised his corpse. The six palaces were thrown into an uproar.

People said that even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat its cubs. Beauty Su was so cruel to her unborn child!

Her death was really not worth pitying!

That day, Gu Yihan gave the order to dismember Beauty Su. The corpse jar she raised was also burned on the spot after the eminent monks from Taishi Monastery arrived.

There was only a set of bones in the jar. Gu Nuo’er had already helped the vengeful spirit to move on.

On this day, everyone felt that it was unlucky and no one came to watch the show.

Only Gu Nuo’er avoided her mother, Noble Consort Qiao, and quietly went to Beauty Su’s residence.

She also placed a small flower she had just picked in the corner where the child had curled up in a corner last night.

There were occasionally cruel evils in this world, but the little malicious ghost was very good and still retained a trace of kindness within him.

He was worthy of getting her flower.