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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 240 - Invite the Eminent Monk Grandpas From Taishi Monastery Over!

Chapter 240: Invite the Eminent Monk Grandpas From Taishi Monastery Over!

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When Eunuch Chunshou saw it, he turned around and ran out of the door, retching for a while.

That jar also emitted a horrible stench!

The imperial guards also relied on their strong mental fortitude to rush up and press Beauty Su to the ground.

When Beauty Su was caught, she was already not very sober.

Instead, he watched as the imperial guard retreated in horror. “I’ve already fed you blood! What else do you want?! Don’t come over! Don’t come over! You are not my child!”

Chunshou took a while to calm down before reporting, “This servant saw Beauty Su like this and guessed that there must be something fishy about this matter. It was really terrifying for her to be performing such a heretical art in the palace!

“Therefore, this servant interrogated her palace maid. After a few interrogations, her palace maid told the truth. It turned out that back then when she was pregnant, she gave the imperial physician money.

“After knowing that she might be pregnant with a son, she made the decision to drink saffron and abort the child. When the child was born, it was indeed a healthy baby boy.

“It was a pity that he died in the womb. However, back then, the noble consort had once punished Beauty Su for causing trouble on the pretext that she was pregnant. Therefore, Beauty Su held a grudge.

“Later on, the noble consort gave birth to a little princess, which made Beauty Su feel even more resentful. She found a heretical art from outside and fed it with her blood for two years before bringing the ghost out to harm people!”

Gu Yihan frowned and felt disgusted.

Back then, everyone in the palace knew that he wanted a daughter.

He also said that whoever gave birth to a daughter for him would enjoy endless glory and wealth.

However, he didn’t expect that Beauty Su would feel that a son was useless and actually aborted the child herself. Later on, she even lied that she had a miscarriage.

Gu Nuo’er was also very surprised.

That was a six-month-old child. He already had a fetal spirit.

How helpless and pitiful he must have been when he died.

It was no wonder the ghost had such a huge grudge. It turned out that he had been deprived of his life like that.

Gu Yihan hugged his daughter, fearing that she would be scared. He urged coldly, “Hurry up and burn such an evil thing along with Beauty Su. Don’t leave them in the palace to harm others.”

Gu Nuo’er quickly said, “Father! It’s already so late. It’ll be so scary to start a fire. Why don’t we invite the eminent monk grandpas from Taishi Monastery over tomorrow?”

Chunshou echoed, “That’s right, Your Majesty. You didn’t see that scene. This servant feels that it’s really unlucky. If Beauty Su wants to harm the noble consort, it’s better to find experts to perform a ritual! Otherwise, the little princess will be implicated!”

Gu Yihan lowered his head and Gu Nuo’er happened to look up.

The father and daughter looked at each other.

The child’s eyes were clear and filled with a pleading glow.

Gu Yihan thought about it.

Chunshou was right. His good daughter had already seen that evil spirit.

Unless he brought experts over, he wouldn’t be able to get peace of mind.

Therefore, Gu Yihan nodded and asked the imperial guards to lock Beauty Su up in prison first.

As for the jar that contained the dried corpse, it was to be sealed in Beauty Su’s bedroom in the meantime.

After the matter was settled, Gu Yihan focused on taking care of his daughter and stopped reviewing the memorials.

He carried his daughter back to his private bedroom and let Gu Nuo’er sleep on his big bed.

The child rolled around happily. Not long later, she hugged Gu Yihan’s big blanket and fell asleep.

Gu Yihan watched over his daughter for a while before he also slept.

The room was quiet and the lights were warm.

On the bed, the child under the big brocade blanket moved her small body.

Then, she lightened her footsteps and quietly got off the bed.

During her series of actions, Gu Nuo’er opened her eyes wide. The sleepiness she had pretended to feel earlier had long disappeared.

She was afraid of waking up her father, who had just fallen asleep.