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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 239 - Father Is Really Gentle

Chapter 239: Father Is Really Gentle

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Gu Yihan saw that his daughter looked very listless.

He was afraid that she would be frightened because she was young and saw something she shouldn’t have seen.

Just now, he saw his precious daughter holding onto a fabric tiger with her small hands. Her black hair draped over her shoulders and she looked like a little fairy of the night. When she stood pitifully at the door like that, Gu Yihan’s heart ached a lot.

He thought about it and found a way to make his daughter happy.

Gu Yihan placed Gu Nuo’er on the table. Underneath was a pile of memorials that he had just approved.

He smiled and said, “Baby Nuo, you can take a random memorial. Then, no matter how many strokes you want to give the official who gave you this memorial or if you want to give him a fine of his monthly salary, I’ll listen to you. How about that?”

When Gu Nuo’er heard this, she shook her head faster than a rattle.

“Father, if the official uncles didn’t do anything wrong, then don’t hit them. Oh, why don’t I pick one, and then Father can just casually say a few words to the official uncle. This will let the official uncles feel Father’s concern for them!”

Seeing that Gu Nuo’er had taken the initiative to give a suggestion, Gu Yihan naturally nodded happily.

As long as it could divert his daughter’s attention, he would do anything!

The child reached out her small hand and dug under her butt. After a while, she took out a memorial.

Gu Yihan laughed and said, “Come and let Father see who’s so lucky to be scooped up by Baby Nuo.”

The memorial was rolled out and the emperor glanced at it. His smile gradually faded.

It turned out to be that long-winded Censor Zhang.

What was written on the memorial wasn’t anything else, but a 3,000-word persuasion memorial that Censor Zhang had painstakingly written.

He told the emperor about his worries about building a waterway and begged the emperor to appease the commoners.

It was such a simple matter, but Censor Zhang had written a five to six-page memorial.

Gu Yihan found long-winded officials the most annoying!

When he saw the pile of words, the veins on his forehead popped up in his fury.

Gu Nuo’er, who was in his arms, pointed at the memorial with her small hand and said in a soft voice, “Wow~ Uncle Zhang wrote so many words~ He must have put in a lot of effort!”

Gu Yihan looked down at the child and forcefully suppressed the anger that had risen.

He smiled slowly, but his gaze was cold. “Baby Nuo, it seems that Father has to fulfill his promise and let Censor Zhang feel Father’s care, right?”

The child nodded repeatedly.

Gu Yihan carried her and sat down on the seat. He picked up his brush, dipped it in ink, and then slowly left a few short sentences at the back of Censor Zhang’s long-winded memorial.

“Censor Zhang, I’m very relieved to see you being so attentive. Have you eaten today? Did you eat well? How are you feeling? If you’re stuffed from eating, you must remember to go out for a walk.”

After writing it, the emperor raised the memorial in front of his daughter and asked with a smile, “Baby Nuo, are you satisfied that Father shows care for Censor Zhang like this?”

The child took a look and her watery eyes became filled with admiration. “Father is so gentle. Uncle Zhang will definitely be very happy!”

Gu Yihan laughed coldly in his heart.

He shall deal with Censor Zhang another day!

However, at this moment, Chunshou returned with his report.

However, his face was pale and his hands were trembling. He looked like he was quite frightened.

Gu Yihan frowned. “If there’s anything filthy, think about it before saying it. Don’t scare Nuo’er.”

“Yes… yes…” Chunshou trembled. “When this servant brought the imperial guards to Beauty Su’s place, we realized that she was bloodletting, feeding to a… a…”

Chunshou couldn’t continue and was trembling badly.

Later on, one of the imperial guards went up and whispered a few words in the emperor’s ear to explain the matter clearly.

It turned out that when they went over, they saw Beauty Su bloodletting to feed a small dried corpse in a jar.