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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 238 - Baby Nuo Is Scared and Can't Sleep

Chapter 238: Baby Nuo Is Scared and Can’t Sleep

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Gu Nuo’er looked at her mother, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

She waved her small hand and an ice-blue cover appeared out of nowhere.

It protected the mind and body, making one immune to all poisons!

After the child finished doing this, she clapped her hands in satisfaction.

Then, she picked up her favorite fabric tiger’s tail and walked out of the hall.

She had already dealt with the little malicious ghost, but She still had to rely on her father to deal with the rest of the matters!

It was already late. At this moment, Gu Yihan would usually still be reviewing the memorials.

It was already late. At this moment, Gu Yihan was usually still reviewing the memorials.

At this moment, the imperial guards were strictly guarding the courtyard of the imperial study.

The dim yellow light spilled all over the ground.

Chunshou, who was guarding the door, sensed a small figure staggering over from the courtyard.

He took a closer look and quickly bowed to welcome her.

“Princess, why are you here alone? It’s so dark on the road. Did you fall?”

Gu Nuo’er held the fabric tiger in her small hand, her black and soft hair draped over her shoulders. Her big eyes flickered, but there was a hint of grievance in them.

“Uncle Chunshou~ Baby Nuo wants to look for Father~ Baby Nuo is scared and can’t sleep~”

Chunshou quickly nodded and bowed, welcoming the princess up the steps.

“Your Majesty, the little princess is here.”

Not long after he finished speaking, Gu Yihan opened the door from the inside.

When Gu Nuo’er saw her father, she pouted her pink lips, her fair face filled with grievance.

She reached out her two small arms. “Father, carry~”

Gu Yihan bent down and carried her in his arms, his heart aching. “Father’s good Baby Nuo, why aren’t you resting at this late hour?”

After saying that, he looked around the courtyard.

He saw that Gu Nuo’er had come alone.

Gu Yihan couldn’t help but say with an imperceptible hint of anger, “What is Noble Consort Qiao busy with? What if Nuo’er were to bump into something from the Qiushui Palace to the imperial study?”

Gu Nuo’er shook her head, her eyes filled with grievance.

She leaned over to Gu Yihan’s ear and said softly, “Father, Mother was bullied until she fell sick. She even fainted once today and gave Baby Nuo a big scare!”

“Bully? Who bullied her?” Gu Yihan found this very unbelievable.

Noble Consort Qiao’s father was the Grace Defender Duke and her personality was as straightforward as her father’s. Moreover, she was smarter and stronger.

Who could bully her?

Gu Nuo’er’s voice became small. “It looks like a little brother. He’s covered in bruises and blood!

“Baby Nuo dreamed that he was lying on Beauty Su’s back and then being sent by Beauty Su to Mother. At night, he lay down on Mother and Baby Nuo’s bed!

“Father, I’m scared. Will this little brother hurt Mother? After he came, Mother already fainted once.”

The child’s childish words were fearless, but her straightforward words frightened everyone so much that a layer of cold sweat broke out on their backs.

What kind of little brother would lie on someone else’s back, be covered in blood, and eventually end up at Noble Consort Qiao’s bed?

This was not the most important thing. Four years ago, Beauty Su had indeed lost a six-month-old baby boy!

Gu Yihan frowned deeply. Looking at the innocence and fear in his daughter’s eyes, his heart ached!

He gestured to Chunshou, who quickly received the order and brought a group of imperial guards to Beauty Su’s palace.

Gu Yihan’s expression changed to a comforting gentleness. “Nuo’er, don’t be afraid. With Father around, no evil or demonic creatures can get close.”

As he spoke, he carried Gu Nuo’er into the imperial study.