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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 234 - Do You Think That a Three-Year-Old Child Doesn’t Have a Temper? Hmph!

Chapter 234: Do You Think That a Three-Year-Old Child Doesn’t Have a Temper? Hmph!

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Ye Siming looked at it for a moment before chuckling.

“Gu Nuo’er, you fool, what kind of disguise is this?”

When the child saw Ye Siming mocking her, she immediately placed her hands on her hips and puffed up her pink cheeks.

“Elder Brother Siming! Why are you mocking me?! Do you know that this kind of small spirit flower will make one smell very good when placed on their head?!”

Not only that, but Gu Nuo’er also felt that her spiritual energy was abundant.

In the past, after she cast a spell, she would feel a little tired.

However, if she had the nourishment of the spiritual flower in the future, every time she absorbed the spiritual energy, it could replenish a lot of her magic power.

Elder Brother Siming was actually mocking her! Hmph, he was really a stupid dog who didn’t know anything.

In order to show off the flower on her head, the child pounced into Ye Siming’s arms.

She then stepped on his legs with her small feet and tried her best to push the pink flower on her head under Ye Siming’s nose!

“Smell it! It smells really good!”

Ye Siming had been chuckling when Gu Nuo’er brought her head to his lips.

At this moment, he was stunned.

The wolf blood that was suppressed in his heart surged agitatedly again.

There was really a pleasant smell on Gu Nuo’er’s body. Now that it was mixed with the fragrance of the flower, it really made one want to swallow her.

What Ye Siming didn’t expect was that this was the taste of high-quality spiritual energy. Of course it smelled good.

Gu Nuo’er had been raised in the Jade Pond for hundreds of years and was raised in spiritual water that had the highest level of magic powers.

Now that she had the nourishment from the spiritual flower, she became even more delicate and pleasant.

He suddenly pressed Gu Nuo’er down in the carriage again.

He watched helplessly as the small flower on her head fell.

Ye Siming frowned, dark currents flowing in his eyes. He lowered his head and slowly sniffed the fragrance on the child’s forehead.

Gu Nuo’er blinked her big misty eyes. Her first reaction was to hide her two small hands under her butt.

She said aggrievedly, “Elder Brother Siming, I don’t taste good. I haven’t taken a shower for two days… Don’t, don’t bite me…”

Ye Siming was stunned. He looked up at the pitiful and innocent look in the child’s eyes.

She clearly remembered that time when he was controlled by the evil force and had bitten her pinky.

Gu Nuo’er’s skin was delicate, to begin with. Back then, she had been in pain for two to three days. From time to time, she would hold her small hand and moan next to Ye Siming’s ear.

It was as if she hadn’t been bitten but had lost her small hand.

Ye Siming couldn’t do anything to her. He couldn’t scold her or say anything. He could only coax her for a long time before the child forgot about it.

This time, he heard Gu Nuo’er’s pitiful and soft words.

Ye Siming seemed to have suddenly woken up. He sat up straight again with extreme restraint.

Gu Nuo’er was like a bullied little bun at the side, poking the little spirit flower with her little finger.

“Hmph, Elder Brother Siming’s gaze looks like you want to eat me. You look even fiercer than the bear in the lion and tiger garden!”

Ye Siming frowned. “I won’t eat you.”

Gu Nuo’er twisted her small body and showed him her stubborn back view. “Hmph, you aren’t even apologizing. Do you think that a three-year-old child doesn’t have a temper? Hmph!”

Ye Siming looked sideways and saw that her back view was pitiful and weak, yet really delicate.

He pursed his thin lips and said in a soft voice, “I’m sorry.”

“Baby Nuo can’t hear you!”

Ye Siming grabbed her into his arms and pressed onto her small ears, gritting his teeth, and said, “I, am, sorry. Do you hear it this time?”

Gu Nuo’er’s neck itched from his soft breath.

She shrank her neck and couldn’t help but laugh softly.

She shall reluctantly forgive the big dog then!