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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 230 - The Princess Definitely Wouldn't Lie

Chapter 230: The Princess Definitely Wouldn’t Lie

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Xie Xingli’s eyes widened.

The umbrella in his hand fell to the ground and was drenched in the rain. He muttered, “It’s Lanrou… She’s still thinking about me…”

Madam Xie was furious.

Originally, she heard that Xie Xingli had an affair with a dancer behind her back and there was even a death involved. She let the case go.

But now, he was actually reminiscing about his former wife?!

Madam Xie tugged at Xie Xingli’s sleeve and shouted, “Husband, are you muddle-headed? Although the princess has a noble status, whether what she said is true or not remains to be verified! The princess might not lie, but it is different for Yinxiang…”

What she meant was that Xie Yinxiang would lead Gu Nuo’er astray. The two children would work together to lie.

However, Xie Xingli seemed to have lost his soul. “That’s impossible. The princess will never lie.”

There was no other reason. It was because only Xie Xingli knew about the existence of Jianyue.

This story was from half a year ago when he went to the brothel with his colleagues.

Jianyue was a young maid who served the top hostess in the brothel. However, because she was thin and weak, as well as didn’t know how to sing or dance, she wasn’t valued.

However, after Xie Xingli went, he took a fancy to this uneasy maidservant.

After his nurturing and nourishment that was given through money, Jianyue also learned to sing and dance.

Xie Xingli repeated an old trick and kept her in a residence outside.

Unexpectedly, Jianyue got pregnant and had a miscarriage. The first thing she did not think about was going to the medical hall. Instead, she sat in the carriage and wanted to go to the Court of Judicial Review to look for Xie Xingli!

On the day she died, it happened to be snowing heavily.

Xie Xingli came out of the Court of Judicial Review in a hurry. As soon as he entered the carriage, he was shocked by Jianyue, who was covered in blood.

Jianyue asked crazily if Xie Xingli loved her.

Little did she know that Xie Xingli was only worried that his colleagues would see that the dancer he kept as a mistress outside dared to find her way to his workplace!

If that were to happen, his reputation would definitely be ruined!

Therefore, he hurriedly brushed off Moon Cutting with a few words and chased her away.

Unexpectedly, Jianyue bled too much and died in the carriage.

Xie Xingli had gotten someone to bury her slovenly. Almost half a year had passed since this incident, but he didn’t expect that the vengeful spirit pestering his family was actually her!

Madam Xie looked at Xie Xingli’s distracted and flustered expression and knew that her husband must have done something to let her down!

Ever since she was welcomed into the house, her temper had not been restrained and she had become a little shrewish.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but grab Xie Xingli’s collar and shout, “Tell me clearly, what’s going on with this Jianyue?!”

Xie Xingli’s mind was filled with the thoughts of the pestering malicious ghost.

He then thought of how even though his wife had passed away, she still wanted to protect him.

Compared to the unreasonable Madam Xie in front of him, their differences were simply like heaven and earth!

He suddenly waved his hand and pushed Madam Xie away. “It’s fine if you can’t help, but now you’re even causing trouble. Hurry up and go back to your courtyard!”

Although Xie Xingli always kept his word at home and was not afraid of his wife, this was the first time he had treated Qin Wenjing with such a fierce attitude.

Therefore, Madam Xie was stunned.

She watched as Xie Xingli ran up to Xie Yinxiang and asked anxiously, “Daughter, Jianyue will only pester you from now on and won’t come to pester me, right?!”

When Gu Nuo’er heard this from the side, her face was filled with confusion.

What a ruthless father he was. His first reaction when he heard that his daughter had been pestered by a malicious ghost was if he would be implicated.

Xie Yinxiang was probably disappointed as well. Her expression changed slightly, but she still nodded. “As long as I’m alive…”