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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 229 - Wasn't It Just A Dancer?!

Chapter 229: Wasn’t It Just A Dancer?!

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Gu Nuo’er carefully took the small flower bud out of the soil and wrapped it in her small handkerchief.

When she got a chance, she would plant it in the state school’s flower bed to accompany her pink flower.

In the places where flowers with spiritual energy were cultivated, her magic power would rise to another level.

It was equivalent to providing Gu Nuo’er with endless spiritual energy.

It made her magic powers stronger in the mortal world, just like a fish in water.

Gu Nuo’er guessed that Xie Yinxiang’s mother should have been a kind of priest who served in the temple in her early years.

Usually, such flowers would only be placed in purified bottles as offerings.

However, as time passed, the position of a priest was abolished and the technique of cultivating spiritual flowers was hidden.

To Gu Nuo’er, this was really a rare treasure!

Look, as expected, one would be rewarded by treating the good with kindness!

At this moment, when Fangling saw that Xie Yinxiang seemed to have returned to normal, she quickly went to inform Xie Xingli, who was waiting nearby.

Xie Xingli rushed over with the second wife.

“Princess, the matter has been resolved? The pestering malicious ghost has been chased away by your good fortune?!”

Gu Nuo’er’s small face turned solemn.

She turned her head and looked at Xie Xingli. “Uncle Xie, I realized that this malicious ghost doesn’t seem to be on Sister Xie. Instead…”

Gu Nuo’er pointed with her small hand. “It seems to be following you!”

Xie Xingli was shocked, his chubby face filled with panic. “Following me?”

Madam Xie, who was next to him, sneered.

She pretended to be afraid. “Oh? The princess saw the ghost? Then, princess, what does this malicious ghost look like?”

Gu Nuo’er said calmly, “Her long hair is fluttering and she has a graceful figure. Moreover, she has a small brown mole on the bridge of her nose.

“She said that she died very miserably and asked Uncle Xie why he left her alone in the carriage when it was snowing so heavily that day.”

Madam Xie couldn’t help but chuckle. “Your Highness, it won’t be good if you’re playing a childish joke. Our master doesn’t know the person you’re talking about at all!”

Hmph, it was all just an act but she wasn’t admitting it!

Unexpectedly, in the next second, Xie Xingli held his head and shouted, “It’s Jianyue! She came to look for me!”

Madam Xie never expected that her husband’s expression would change drastically after hearing this. It was as if he had suffered a huge shock.

She asked, “Who is Jianyue?!”

Xie Xingli was still in a state of panic and horror and had no time to answer her.

On the other hand, Gu Nuo’er put her hands behind her back and said leisurely, “She’s just an older sister who sings and dances for Uncle Xie! She’s very beautiful, charming, and affectionate! Unfortunately, the heavens were jealous of her beauty and she froze to death in the carriage!”

Madam Xie was stunned.

Wasn’t the person the princess was describing just a dancer?!

Xie Xingli asked in a panic, “Princess, what should we do now? She stirred up trouble in my house, destroying the peace. What should I do?!”

Gu Nuo’er looked at Xie Yinxiang, who was beside her, and shook her head. “Sigh, Uncle Xie, you’ll have to thank Elder Sister Xie for this.

“In order to protect you, she made a deal with this malicious ghost in her dream. Every time she went crazy and suffered, it was actually the malicious ghost who was venting its anger on her!

“They had an agreement that the ghost would only leave after tormenting Elder Sister Xie until she was ten years old. Otherwise, they would torture you in the same way!”

Xie Xingli was shocked. He turned around and grabbed Xie Yinxiang’s arm. “Yinxiang, is this true? Tell Father, is it true?!”

No matter how much Xie Yinxiang hated and resented him, she didn’t want her mother to worry about her in heaven.

Therefore, she nodded and said tearfully, “Mother sent a dream to tell me about it. She was worried about Father and asked me to take good care of you.”