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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 228 - Flower, Flower, Please Bloom Once

Chapter 228: Flower, Flower, Please Bloom Once

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Xie Yinxiang quickly said, “These were planted by my mother when she was alive. My mother came from a family that has been cultivating plants for generations and this is a flower species that is nurtured through their family’s inherited secret technique.

“It blooms once every few years. After the flowers bloom, a merchant who deals with medicinal herbs will come to buy them at a high price. It seems to be an expensive medicinal herb, but I don’t know much about it.

“My mother had taught me before, but I only learned a little bit.”

Xie Yinxiang looked at the slowly swaying flower buds in the rain, her eyes filled with nostalgia.

“If only my mother were still around. Every time it rains like this, I’d ask her to find a cloth to cover the flowers to prevent them from getting drenched and dying.

“However, my mother said that a flower that has never experienced wind and rain will never bloom beautifully. Only through setbacks can the petals be washed beautifully.

“I suddenly miss my mother a little. Ever since she passed away, I haven’t taken good care of these flowers either. I didn’t expect them to still bloom stubbornly.”

Gu Nuo’er’s childish voice was filled with emotion. “That’s all the more why. Your mother has taught you great principles. Elder Sister Xie, you have to live well so that you can be worthy of the nurturer of the person who plants the flowers!”

As Gu Nuo’er spoke, she reached out her small hand and gently stroked the small flower closest to her.

Gu Nuo’er’s fingertips turned a little numb as if the flower buzzed.

She pursed her pink lips and said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid. Elder Sister Yinxiang will definitely take good care of you guys in the future!”

Gu Nuo’er turned her head and looked at Xie Yinxiang, her clear eyes filled with kindness.

“Elder Sister Xie, do you want to know if your mother is still watching over you and protecting you from heaven?”

Xie Yinxiang’s entire body trembled. She was extremely excited. “Princess, can you really know? Can… Can I still see my mother?”

“You won’t be able to see her~” Gu Nuo’er smiled sweetly and cutely. “But flowers can communicate with people. These plants had been carefully nurtured by your mother, so they will definitely be able to bring her longing to your side. If you don’t believe me, just watch~”

The child covered her mouth with her small hand but spoke in a voice everyone could hear, “Flowers, flowers, if Elder Sister Yinxiang’s mother is protecting her, please bloom once, alright?”

At this moment, some gentle breeze blew through the rain.

The small flowers in the flower bed swayed their green branches.

An even more shocking thing happened!

The branches and leaves turned slowly, and then all the flowers bloomed.

Xie Yinxiang’s eyes widened and tears fell without any warning.


Blue spiritual energy slowly flowed out from Gu Nuo’er’s fingertips and wrapped around the flowers.

They had absorbed a lot of spiritual energy and were blooming brightly and beautifully.

Gu Nuo’er turned around and smiled innocently. “Look, Elder Sister Yinxiang, you’ve never been alone. If you do anything stupid again, your mother will really be sad! You mustn’t let your mother down nor can you let the flowers down.”

Xie Yinxiang squatted down and cried her heart out, feeling extremely sad.

All this while, she had always thought that she was alone.

It turned out that her mother had never let go of her.

Then how heartbroken must her mother have felt when she saw her do so many silly things previously?!

Gu Nuo’er patted Xie Yinxiang’s shoulder and said in a soft voice, “Elder Sister Yinxiang, can you give me a small flower to bring back?”

Xie Yinxiang nodded with tears in her eyes. She choked up. “Thank you, Princess… I have nothing to repay you with. If you like them, it doesn’t matter if you bring one back.”

Gu Nuo’er rolled up her sleeves and grinned.

She wasn’t going to stand on ceremony then!

Such good flowers with spiritual energy mustn’t be wasted!