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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 227 - Every Flower Carried Spiritual Energy

Chapter 227: Every Flower Carried Spiritual Energy

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Xie Yinxiang asked, “Princess, what should we do next?”

Gu Nuo’er smiled sweetly. She climbed onto the bed and covered her mouth with her small hand, whispering a few words to Xie Yinxiang.

Xie Yinxiang widened her eyes in surprise.

She couldn’t help but feel puzzled. “Will this… really work?”

“It will, but I can only come up with ideas. As for how it will be done, it’ll depend on how smart Elder Sister Xie is~”

At the same time, Nanny Luo followed Gu Nuo’er’s instructions and guarded the door strictly.

As expected, the second Madam Xie, Qin Wenjing, became suspicious. She arranged for a maid to check out the situation.

The maid held a cup of hot tea in her hand and wanted to enter the room directly.

However, Nanny Luo blocked her way. Even though she had a head of white hair, she strictly adhered to Gu Nuo’er’s instructions.

“The princess said that she mustn’t be disturbed now. Fangling, you can go back first.”

This maidservant called Fangling was one of Madam Xie’s capable subordinates.

Her gaze swept over, revealing a hint of sharpness.

Fangling smiled insincerely and said, “This is the hot tea that Madam asked me to send to the princess. Could it be that the princess can’t even get to drink a cup of tea when she comes to our residence as a guest? If word gets out, what will others think of our Xie Manor? Will you be able to bear the consequences?”

Nanny Luo didn’t fall for her tricks.

However, her tone was cold and her attitude was stiff as she put out her arms and guarded the door.

She said, “What others think of the Xie Manor isn’t something that can be affected by this small matter. Moreover, it’s not something that you and I can decide. I’m just following Her Highness’s instructions and won’t give way.”

Fangling was furious and scolded, “Whose servant are you? You keep calling her Your Highness. If you like to climb up the social ladder like this, go serve the princess then!”

At this moment, the door behind Nanny Luo opened.

Gu Nuo’er stepped out. Her expression was light, and her bright and round eyes were filled with obedience.

Her black eyes looked at Fangling. “You’re right. Nanny Luo is actually considered one of my people. As long as I wish for it, you’re also my servant. My father said that all lands under the sky belong to the ruler, and everyone is a subject. Do you think that anything is wrong with that saying?”

Fangling was shocked and hurriedly knelt. “Your Highness, please forgive me. This servant wouldn’t dare!”

Although the child was not angry, for some reason, her light words carried an oppressive pressure.

Her eyes were clear, revealing a message to outsiders everywhere—

She was too smart.

Although the princess was young, she knew everything.

Xie Yinxiang, who was following behind her, thought so even more.

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand. “Elder Sister Xie, let’s go and look for Uncle Xie.”

Xie Yinxiang followed behind her. She had already changed into a new set of clothes and even her hair was combed back meticulously.

Her expression was calm, but she no longer looked as crazy and foolish as before.

Fangling frowned secretly.

Could it be that the princess had really accidentally gotten rid of evil for the eldest young miss?

When Gu Nuo’er and Xie Yinxiang passed through the courtyard, Gu Nuo’er suddenly stopped.

She looked sideways and saw a small flower bed planted under a well-built vine rack not far away.

Gu Nuo’er watched for a while and quickly ran over.

In the flowerbed were a few small buds that had yet to bloom.

The flower buds were white on the outside and pink on the inside. The stem and leaves were verdant.

All the flowers stood in the rain, their figures tall and unafraid of the wind and rain.

Xie Yinxiang held the umbrella for Gu Nuo’er and the child let out a ‘wow’.

“Elder Sister Xie, were you the one who had planted these flowers?”

To think that every single one of them carried spiritual energy. How amazing!