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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 223 - I Know That You're Pretending

Chapter 223: I Know That You’re Pretending

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

At this moment, a servant ran over in a hurry. “Master, bad news! Eldest Miss has ‘relapsed’ again and her entire body is convulsing. Hurry up and go take a look!”

Xie Xingli was shocked and quickly instructed, “Hurry up and get a few servants to bring along sticks and ropes. If anything goes wrong, tie up the young miss! We must not let the princess get hurt!”

After saying that, he said to Gu Nuo’er, “Princess, I’m afraid that my eldest daughter has been possessed again. Please go and take a look!”

Gu Nuo’er quickly nodded. “Lead the way.”

The group passed by the long corridor and made a few turns before arriving at a remote courtyard.

However, shrill cries rang out from time to time.

It appeared very eerie in the rain.

Xie Xingli was so frightened that his hands were trembling. The surrounding servants also trembled.

Only Gu Nuo’er’s face was calm. Instead, she blinked curiously.

This older sister’s voice was crisp and pleasant to listen to. Even though she was screaming, she sounded like she was singing!

Xie Xingli was hesitant if he should bring the princess in. However, Gu Nuo’er was very proactive. She took a small step and walked forward.

They entered the courtyard and the shouts became clearer.

“It hurts! My chest hurts!”

Gu Nuo’er entered the room. Inside, a girl who was about six to seven years old was rolling on the ground.

There was only an old nanny around, crying until her tears were waning. There were many times when she wanted to reach out to grab the little girl who was rolling around, but it was all in vain.

“What kind of malicious ghost is it? Just come and torture this old servant! Don’t torture Young Miss!” She cried helplessly.

Gu Nuo’er watched for a while before turning to ask softly, “Uncle Xie, is this your eldest daughter?”

“She is this subject’s eldest daughter.” He pretended to be brave and scolded, “Yinxiang! You, you, you, you, stop with the craziness! Get up quickly!”

However, the girl on the ground continued to convulse and roll her eyes from time to time. She didn’t seem to be pretending.

Gu Nuo’er’s face was round and fair, and her gaze was quiet.

She blinked and slowly walked forward.

Xie Xingli was shocked. “Princess, don’t go! When my daughter goes crazy, she’ll hurt people!”

However, Gu Nuo’er said, “Don’t be afraid~ Uncle Xie, stay further away. Don’t get injured accidentally.”

She walked to Eldest Young Miss Xie, who was convulsing non-stop, and squatted down.

She leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I know you’re pretending. Your house is clean and there are no malicious ghosts. Hurry up and get up.

“No matter what you want to do, you can talk to me. Perhaps I can help you? If you keep acting crazy, it will only make them look down on your mother even more.”

After Gu Nuo’er finished speaking, Xie Yinxiang, who was on the ground, gradually calmed down.

However, her eyes were still closed and her chest was heaving violently.

Gu Nuo’er lowered her long eyelashes, covering the intelligence in her eyes.

She pretended to touch Eldest Young Miss Xie’s glabella. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t be afraid~”

Soon, Xie Yinxiang stopped panting.

She lay quietly on the ground. When the old nanny beside her saw this, she cried tears of joy and immediately kowtowed to Gu Nuo’er a few times.

“Princess is so benevolent! Thank you for saving our young miss!”

Xie Xingli was also very shocked. “This… has been cured by the princess?”

Gu Nuo’er stood up and said softly, “No, I just helped her calm down. Uncle Xie, get someone to help her. Help this older sister to the bed to get some rest first.”

Xie Xingli quickly nodded. He instructed his second wife, who was standing behind him and sizing up Xie Yinxiang with a doubtful expression.

“Quick, go and call a few helpers over.”