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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: What Was Placed Inside This?

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Gu Yihan was wearing bright yellow court clothing. His face was like jade, and his cold eyebrows were furrowed with hostility.

He carried Gu Nuo’er in his arms and gently wiped away the tears on his daughter’s face.

“Baby Nuo, tell Father what’s going on. Who dares to harm you guys?”

Gu Nuo’er rubbed her tears with her hands, looking very afraid.

She said in a soft voice and a sobbing tone, “Mother taught a bad palace maid a lesson this morning. She’s the older sister by the Empress Mother’s side.

“Later on, Mother brought Nuonuo to visit Empress Mother. Nuonuo saw that bad palace maid putting something into the water!”

Saying this, the child’s tears kept on trickling down.

Gu Yihan was instantly shocked.

Although Gu Nuo’er was crying and talking in a muffled voice, she mentioned the matter very clearly. The mystery was clear after a little bit of thought.

The noble consort had taught the Empress’s palace maid a lesson. Later on, the noble consort brought the princess to visit the Empress but the princess discovered that the palace maid had drugged the tea.

The first thing that Gu Yihan thought of was that the palace maid by the Empress’s side harbored a feud and wanted to harm Gu Nuo’er.

However, having been handling political affairs for many years, he didn’t give an order immediately.

Gu Yihan carried Gu Nuo’er, consoling her, then gave a sidewards glance to Chunshou.

Chunshou understood and waved his hand at Wanyin, gesturing for her to go to the side and he’d be asking her some questions.

The emperor carried the princess into the study.

Chunshou had both hands crossed and in his sleeves, asking solemnly, “Wanyin, what was the princess saying?”

Wanyin wasn’t stupid and immediately shared the story of what had happened.

She even mentioned that Cailuan had attempted to seduce the emperor but had failed. Now, she was still harboring hatred and wanted to harm the noble consort and princess!

After Chunshou understood the situation, he went in and reported the matter to the emperor in a soft voice.

Gu Nuo’er had stopped crying.

However, her beautiful grape-like eyes were glistening with tears.

Her round and fair little face looked soft and adorable.

She looked to the left at her father, then to the right at Eunuch Chunshou.

Gu Yihan’s brows furrowed increasingly deeper.

He gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “This palace maid showed disrespect to her superiors. Pass down my decree and have her executed immediately.”

Gu Yihan didn’t even need to order an investigation.

It was because his docile daughter wouldn’t lie.

Who would scare a three-year-old child to such a degree?

However, Gu Nuo’er suddenly reached out her hand, grabbed Gu Yihan’s sleeve, and shook it a little.

“Father~” The child had been crying earlier and her voice was still a little unclear. “There wasn’t just one bad palace maid. There was another one. Could they…

“Could they have bullied Empress Mother before too? Father must do justice for Nuonuo’s two mothers and me.”

Gu Yihan frowned and went into deep thought for a moment.

At the next second, he picked up Gu Nuo’er and instructed in a cold voice, “Ready the sedan. I’m going to make a trip to Fengyi Palace.”

Gu Nuo’er reached out her small hands and rested docilely on her father’s shoulder.

At this moment, Wanxuan brought along two of Noble Consort Qiao’s second-grade palace maids and guarded the door closely.

Qinghe and Cailuan were kneeling on the floor.

There were different degrees of red marks on their cheeks.

It was obvious that they had just been beaten up.

Qinghe didn’t say a word and kept her head lowered.

Only Cailuan cried and pleaded, “Your Majesty, Noble Consort, please spare this servant! This servant won’t dare to do this anymore.”

The empress leaned against the bed and silently cried.

“Cailuan, I treat you quite well, so why are you doing this? The salary that I pay you guys every month is twice the amount others get.

“I’m afraid that you guys might feel bad to be restrained before me, so I let you guys go around freely. But why do you guys treat me so ruthlessly?!”

In comparison to the empress, Noble Consort Qiao was a lot calmer.

Her beautiful face was filled with mercilessness. She pointed to the teacup and asked, “What was placed inside this?”