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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 216 - There Are Wolves, There Are Wolves!

Chapter 216: There Are Wolves, There Are Wolves!

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Madam Bai panicked, her face covered in tears. “Rongrong, don’t go!”

However, in her arms, her daughter smiled and turned into a ball of light. In the end, the ball of light turned into specks of light and left through the window.

Madam Bai suddenly woke up from her dream. In the middle of the night, she hugged her knees and cried bitterly.

Bai Yi, who was beside her, was also woken up. He put his arm around his wife’s shoulder and comforted her softly, “Madam, what’s wrong?”

“I dreamed of Rongrong. She told me that she didn’t blame me and even said that she was leaving. Husband, what should I do? I won’t be able to see her again, not even in my dreams!”

Bai Yi’s entire body trembled. Even though he had been on the battlefield for a long time, his daughter dying a young death had always been a pain in his heart.

He sighed slowly. “Perhaps she has a better place to go to. A dead person can’t be revived. I’ll find a day and accompany you to Taishi Monastery and offer her incense, alright?”

Madam Bai bawled and then gradually calmed down under her husband’s comfort.

In her dream, Gu Nuo’er was swaying her small feet and sitting by the Jade Pond.

Rongrong was standing in front of her. “Nuo’er, thank you. My powers are too weak and I can’t keep on talking to my mother in my dreams. Fortunately, you helped me and I no longer have any regrets.”

Gu Nuo’er tilted her head, her eyes wide and cute.

“Elder Sister Rongrong, you’ve stayed in the world for too long. If this continues, you’ll slowly disappear from the world. You abandoned yourself to help more people, so it’s only right for me to help you.”

After saying that, she turned around, plucked a green lotus leaf from the Jade Pond, and handed it to Rongrong.

“I’ve thought of a way to get the best of both worlds. Not only can you occasionally come back to visit Uncle Bai and Auntie Bai, but it can also allow your efforts to be repaid.

“Take my lotus leaf and go look for Grandfather Taishang Laojun. He will definitely take you in and make you an acolyte! After you go there, you’ll have to work hard on cultivating!”

Rongrong took the lotus leaf and smiled at Gu Nuo’er. “Thank you, Nuo’er.”

Then, she turned into a faint light and headed deeper into the clouds in the sky.

Gu Nuo’er narrowed her eyes and sighed.

“Uncle Bai and Auntie Bai are really good people. It’s a pity that they don’t have a strong fate with children in this life. Sigh.”

At this moment, in the Jade Pond behind her, Gu Nuo’er’s fish brothers and sisters called out in panic.

“There’s a wolf, there’s a wolf!”

Gu Nuo’er’s small body shuddered!

There was a wolf? Where was it?!

She suddenly woke up with a start. The first thing she saw was Ye Siming’s magnified handsome face inches away. His finger was under her nose, as if he was testing if Gu Nuo’er was still breathing.

Gu Nuo’er fluttered her eyelashes, her watery eyes gradually turning from blurry to clear.

When Ye Siming saw that she had woken up, he frowned and said, “Why is it that even the sound of your breathing is so soft?”

Gu Nuo’er rubbed her eyes and sat up. “Because I’m still young! If you want to listen to the snoring, go look for my father!”

Ye Siming was speechless.

The child looked out of the window. It was already dawn.

Her stomach made a rumbling sound.

Gu Nuo’er looked at Ye Siming pitifully. “Elder Brother Siming… I’m hungry…”

Ye Siming pursed his lips and said coldly, “Wait here.”

When Madam Bai entered the courtyard, she saw Ye Siming squatting under the corridor with Gu Nuo’er and eating a roasted chicken!

The fragrance of charred food wafted over. Gu Nuo’er held a chicken drumstick in her hand and ate it deliciously.

Madam Bai chuckled. “Siming’s culinary skills are not bad. Did you buy the chicken early in the morning?”

“I caught it from the backyard,” he said calmly.

Madam Bai was stunned for a moment before shouting, “That’s the hen my husband bought to lay eggs!”