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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 212 - She Looks So Delicate

Chapter 212: She Looks So Delicate

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Ye Siming pondered for a moment and started to take off his outer robe. “You can wear mine first.”

Gu Nuo’er wrapped herself in the blanket and blinked her black eyes. “Then what would Elder Brother Siming wear?”

“I won’t wear anything.”

Just as Ye Siming was only left with a thin white undershirt, Madam Bai finally rushed in with a bowl of hangover soup.

She saw that Ye Siming was taking off his clothes with one hand.

Meanwhile, Gu Nuo’er, who was on the bed opposite, widened her curious eyes and her face turned red as if it had been washed by rouge.

This strange scene stunned Madam Bai.

She quickly stepped forward. “Siming, what are you doing?”

Ye Siming replied calmly, “Her clothes are drenched. I’m letting her wear mine first.”

Madam Bai almost fainted.

This child! Did he think that their family was so poor that they had to take turns wearing clothes?!

She sighed without batting an eyelid. “I’ve already thought of this and have just asked the maidservant to bring some clothes over. It’s just that they might be a little old. I hope the little princess doesn’t mind.”

Gu Nuo’er said softly, “It’s alright, Auntie Bai!”

Madam Bai saw that Gu Nuo’er didn’t cry or make a fuss despite having drunk so much wine. Instead, Gu Nuo’er looked at her obediently with her big grape-like eyes.

This made Madam Bai like this cute little fellow even more.

Madam Bai carried a bowl of soup forward and carried Gu Nuo’er in her arms, carefully feeding her the hangover soup.

“Princess, you’ll feel better after drinking this.”

Gu Nuo’er lowered her head and slowly drank half a bowl of the soup like a kitten.

Ye Siming watched from the side with a frown.

At this moment, Gu Nuo’er vomited.

Ye Siming was shocked and subconsciously wanted to go over to help.

However, Madam Bai waved her hand calmly, indicating that he didn’t have to come over. “After drinking the hangover soup, you’ll be fine soon after vomiting it out. Princess, you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore in a while. Siming, go and wring out the handkerchief that I soaked in the basin.”

Ye Siming helped out while Madam Bai took care of the child.

After Gu Nuo’er vomited for a while, the blush on her face faded a lot. She was so tired that she was panting and her entire body smelled like wine.

Madam Bai touched Gu Nuo’er’s forehead and said, “Princess, I’ll go boil some water for you to take a bath. After you’re done, have a good sleep. You’ll be fine tomorrow morning.”

Gu Nuo’er was already weak. She collapsed onto the bed but didn’t forget to nod her head.

Ye Siming frowned and couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

This was because Gu Nuo’er looked very weak now. Only her eyes would roll from time to time, but she had lost her usual lively appearance.

What was left was only the sleepiness after the alcohol.

There were still tears at the corners of her eyes, making her look even more pitiful and weak.

Ye Siming followed Madam Bai out of the room. He took the initiative to call out to her and asked in a deep voice, “Will she… die?”

When Madam Bai heard this, she first burst out laughing. “Silly child, she’s just drunk and will be fine after having vomited just now. She’ll be fine after a nap. Why would she die?”

She wouldn’t die?

However, she looked so delicate, like a flower that could be broken by the wind at any moment.

Madam Bai probably saw the worry in Ye Siming’s eyes.

She smiled. “If you’re really worried, I’ll ask you to take care of the princess for the latter half of the night after I give her a bath, alright?”

“How do I take care of her?”

“You probably need to feed her some water. If she’s hungry, you can give her the pastries I left on the table.”

Ye Siming pursed his lips. “Got it.”