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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Nuo’er Is Scared And Wants to Look for Father

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Wanyin took the princess’s hand and walked down the Fengyi Palace’s steps.

Wanyin smiled and asked, “Your Highness, where would you like to go and play?”

Gu Nuo’er’s small round face was in the expression when she was in deep thought about something.

Her cheeks looked chubby, fair, and adorable, like two balls of soft marshmallows.

She looked up toward Wanyin, asking in a soft and childish voice, “Elder Sister Wanyin, does Father not like me to come to Empress Mother’s place?”

Wanyin’s thought about her words before replying, “His Majesty is just worried. Her Majesty’s constitution isn’t well.

“Moreover, you’re young and your body isn’t as strong as an adult’s. He is afraid that the illness might spread to you.”

Gu Nuo’er stood on the white jade steps, her little finger pointing toward the palace in the distance.

Her tone was soft as she said, “But Elder Sister Wanyin, look, the guard older brothers aren’t the only ones who are walking around.

“There are also many eunuch older brothers and palace maid older sisters passing by. Father is the ruler of the world and is so smart. It’s impossible for him not to know that we haven’t come by before.”

Gu Nuo’er put her hands at her waist. “Father hates people lying to him the most!”

Wanyin suddenly felt that what the three-year-old princess said made sense!

She hesitated and said, “Maybe… Maybe Her Highness will have a way to explain things to His Majesty?”

Gu Nuo’er shook her head, and put out one fat and chubby index finger, shaking it. “Elder Sister Wanyin, you’re wrong about this!

“Father is the emperor. Nuo’er and Mother must both respect him. Only then would Father be happy and not pursue the matter that we were hiding things from him!”

Wanyin was completely confused.

What was the princess thinking of doing?

Gu Nuo’er put out two hands and said softly, “Elder Sister Wanyin, carry~ Bring Nuonuo to go look for Father.”

Wanyin was stunned for a moment. “But Your Highness, His Majesty is probably busy with government affairs in the imperial study!”

Gu Nuo’er said softly, “But Nuonuo misses Father! Elder Sister Wanyin, please bring me there!”

Wanyin was left with no choice but to bend over, pick up the princess, then head for the imperial study.

On the way, the princess was very happy.

She would wave her hands around, pointing at the winter flowers by the roadside and chuckling.

However, when Wanyin brought her close to the imperial study, Gu Nuo’er restrained her countenance.

Her black and intelligent eyes were filled with unease.

At first, Wanyin didn’t notice anything.

It was until she carried the princess to the imperial study’s door.

The head eunuch, Eunuch Chunshou, who was guarding there, looked over. He immediately noticed that the princess looked very aggrieved.

He quickly came over and asked anxiously, “Aiyo! Princess, why are you crying?”

Wanyin was stunned.

The princess was crying?!

She turned and looked.

That was true! Tears were trickling down the child’s face.

Her round, fair, and tender face had two rows of silver-colored tear droplets coming down. Her black eyes which were like grapes were welling with tears.

She looked like she wanted to cry but didn’t dare to do so. Anyone who saw her like this would feel heartache!

When did the princess cry? Wanyin was stunned.

When Gu Nuo’er saw Chunshou, her childish voice was filled with a sobbing tone and aggrieved feelings. “Uncle Chunshou, Nuo’er is scared and wants to look for Father.”

Chunshou looked at the princess.

She seemed like she had suffered great grief! How could that be allowed to happen?

He quickly said, “This servant’s dear princess, please don’t cry anymore. Your servant’s heart is going to break. I’ll go report to His Majesty right away.”

After saying that, he turned and ran in.

Gu Yihan was discussing important political affairs with two military officials.

However, when he heard that Gu Nuo’er had been aggrieved, he tossed aside the memorial and came out.

When the child saw the figure dressed in yellow clothes appear, her silent tears turned into loud howling.

“Father, save me! A palace maid older sister in Empress Mother’s palace wants to harm Nuonuo and Mother!”