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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 209 - A Three-Year-Old Girl Can Recognize So Many Words?

Chapter 209: A Three-Year-Old Girl Can Recognize So Many Words?

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Gu Nuo’er originally wanted to crawl out while tugging onto the cloth, but unexpectedly, she pulled out so many letters.

The child did not manage to stand firm and end up falling to sit on a wine vat.

Her small butt came into intimate contact with the wooden board pressing against the wine vat, causing her to frown in pain.

Boohoo, it hurt so much.

Before she could look up, she was hit by a falling letter.

“Eh, what’s this?” Gu Nuo’er quickly opened the letter and read it out word by word. “I deliberately served tea to Bai Yi today and came to know that he’s about to leave for the Yaoxia Kingdom. Can send people to intercept him at Luo Road.”

Butler Wu was speechless.

Who could tell him why a three-year-old girl could recognize so many words?

Gu Nuo’er looked around. She raised the letter and looked at Bai Yi with bright eyes. “Uncle Bai, this seems to be a letter from this Old Wu to someone else!”

Bai Yi quickly walked over, picked up all the letters, and opened them one by one.

As expected, they were written in Butler Wu’s handwriting.

Apart from reporting the important officials Bai Yi had met, Butler Wu also wrote down every memorial Bai Yi had written in the study in detail.

It was written with so much accuracy that it included Ye Siming’s life in the manor as well as their plan to sow discord between Ye Siming and General Bai Yi.

They planned to let Bai Yi think that he had brought a young spy back and then have him chase Ye Siming out of the residence.

The reason why these letters sent by Butler Wu were left behind was that he had used a type of paper called “Ink Paper”.

This kind of paper had two layers that could provide a high level of confidentiality. Usually, after writing on it, the words on the first page would become transparent and could only be revealed after being burned by fire.

The second page which would have vague writings left behind would usually be retained by the person who wrote the letter.

This was because the “Ink Paper” had another unique characteristic—it was made out of a special material and couldn’t be burned with fire. Thus was very troublesome to deal with.

This type of paper was expensive and was usually used for contact between spies from various countries.

General Bai Yi had been on the battlefield for a long time and knew this method very well.

With Butler Wu’s monthly allowance, it was impossible for him to afford such a large amount of “Ink Paper”.

He had probably guessed that Bai Yi and his wife did not like to drink alcohol and rarely drank.

Therefore, it was safest to hide the letters in the wine cellar.

Moreover, there were usually many empty bottles and miscellaneous items piled up on this shelf. Usually, no one touched them, even if they were covered in dust.

Originally, it was an important place for Butler Wu to hide the letters.

If not for Gu Nuo’er’s accidental discovery, he did not know how long he would have to continue to hide in the Bai Manor!

Bai Yi looked at him coldly and asked in a cold tone, “You said that you don’t want to betray me and that you’re only dealing with the Yaoxia Kingdom for the time being.

“However, your letters clearly revealed many of my movements and political secrets. You still dare to say that you’re innocent?!”

Madam Bai was furious. She jumped up and hit Butler Wu’s head with the pole. “You spy, no wonder my husband was ambushed at Luo Road before he went to war with Yaoxia! It was actually you, a despicable person, who snitched!”

Butler Wu was in pain from the hit and cried out for mercy, repeatedly saying that he was wrong.

At this moment, the man in black who had fainted earlier had woken up at some point and quietly untied the grass rope that tied up his hands!

He suddenly leaped up and was about to attack Madam Bai, who was closest to him.

Gu Nuo’er widened her eyes and was about to wave her small hand.

However, the wine cellar’s door was pushed open again with a bang.

The door frame hit the back of the man’s head. A moment later, he fainted on the ground.