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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 208 - Two Thieves Sent by Enemy Country

Chapter 208: Two Thieves Sent by Enemy Country

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Bai Yi had plenty of experiences on the battlefield. Not only was he agile, but he was also fast, accurate, and ruthless.

He didn’t have a sword or a saber. He only had a brick in his hand that was used to press down the wine vat. He used the brick to beat the man in black until the man’s head was covered in bumps.

The killing intent that he had gained from the battlefield seeped out, encasing him with a cold appearance.

Butler Wu stood rooted to the ground, seemingly frightened by Bai Yi’s sudden appearance.

He had just said that he wanted to cooperate with the Yaoxia Kingdom to frame Bai Yi, but at this moment, he had forgotten about that matter.

The man in black couldn’t fend off Bai Yi’s fierce attacks, so he quietly took out a few poisonous darts from his sleeve!

When Bai Yi wasn’t prepared, the man suddenly threw out two of the darts, aiming for Bai Yi’s chest and abdomen!

To the man in black’s surprise, Madam Bai jumped out from behind the wine rack again.

She used the carrying pole used to carry the wine vats as a spear and waved it in the air!

With two crisp sounds, she knocked down the darts that were used to ambush Bai Yi.

The man in black was shocked. “He has a helper!”

The husband and wife worked together and subdued the man in black together!

Bai Yi quickly tied the man in black and Butler Wu together with the straw rope used to tie up wine vats.

In the end, he lit an oil lamp and dragged over a stone stool. He sat on it and pondered as he looked at the two spies from an enemy country in front of him.

Madam Bai held a pole in her hand and stood behind him, looking like a valiant female general!

Bai Yi searched the two of them and found a token that the Yaoxia Kingdom’s military officers would have.

Butler Wu didn’t have anything suspicious on him.

Madam Bai sneered in disdain. “Two thieves sent by an enemy country dare to act rashly in front of me? Are you tired of living?! You were still thinking of throwing a sneak attack at my husband? Do you believe that I will drag 18 generations1 of your family and beat them up?”

The man in black cursed, “Bai Yi killed so many people of our Yaoxia Kingdom. His death is not worth pitying. I can’t wait to cut him into a thousand pieces to respect the heroic spirits of our Yaoxia soldiers!”

Suddenly, a reddish-purple mark appeared on the face of the man in black.

Madam Bai had just whipped him with the pole.

She placed her hands on her hips and scolded angrily, “Shameless brats. The victor had been decided long ago. You guys are really despicable to be using such methods now!”

The man in black fainted from the pain.

Bai Yi’s deep gaze turned to Butler Wu.

“Old Wu, I’ve always trusted you a lot. Ten years ago, I saw that you were pitiful when you were begging along the road, so I gave you a chance to be an errand boy. When you first came to the Bai Manor, you were very hardworking and capable. Later on, after discussing with my wife, I let you be the butler and be in charge of matters in the manor. Now that I think about it, it turns out that you were actually a spy planted by the enemy country long ago!”

From the corner of his eye, Butler Wu saw that his accomplice’s face had already swelled up.

At this point, he still had a chance to find excuses!

Butler Wu struggled agitatedly. “General, I don’t dare to betray you! Please believe me. Although I was sent by the Yaoxia Kingdom, after so many years, I’ve already been moved by your and Madam’s sincerity!

“I’ve always wanted to wait for an opportunity to tell you and Madam the truth, but I don’t dare to completely anger Yaoxia because I’m worried that they will do something bad to my family! General, Madam, please believe me! I really don’t plan on betraying you!”

At this moment, a sound rang out from a corner.

At some point, in order to climb out from the gap behind the wine vats, Gu Nuo’er grabbed a piece of cloth that was draped down from the shelf above her head.

Unexpectedly, just as Butler Wu finished speaking, many letters fell from above Gu Nuo’er’s head.