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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 207 - He Heard Everything, Kill Him

Chapter 207: He Heard Everything, Kill Him

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Gu Nuo’er nodded. “That’s right, that’s right. Uncle Bai, you’re too careless!”

After saying that, the child quickly said, “Auntie Bai, where’s the wine cellar? We’ll go there now!”

When Madam Bai heard this, her eyes lit up. “Princess, you’re really smart. No matter how sharp one’s nose is, they’ll still be in a daze for a while when they reach a place with a rich wine fragrance!”

Not long after, the three of them entered the dark cellar.

The wine fragrance here was strong. Gu Nuo’er took a deep breath and exclaimed, “It smells so good. I really want to try it…”

Alarm bells rang in Bai Yi’s heart.

If the emperor found out that they had allowed the princess to drink, they would definitely be put through a storm of punishments!

Bai Yi suggested, “Princess, let’s find an inconspicuous place to hide. Even if the lights are not lit up at night, Siming’s vision still won’t be affected…”

Gu Nuo’er’s long eyelashes fluttered as she looked around.

She walked to the left corner and hid behind two large wine vats.

The child was not tall to begin with and her body was small. When she shrank into the gap, it was really impossible to tell.

Bai Yi and his wife chose to hide behind the wine rack.

When they squatted down, it was also impossible to tell that there were two people hiding under the dim lighting.

Next, they waited nervously.

Soon, there were careful footsteps at the door.

Gu Nuo’er tilted her head and looked out from the gap.

How did Elder Brother Siming come so quickly?!

Could it be that the fragrance of the wine could not hide their scents?

At this moment, the cellar door was pushed open with a creak.

A sneaky figure walked in. Gu Nuo’er blinked for a long time and felt that this person didn’t look like Ye Siming.

Bai Yi also found it strange and looked at his wife.

It was already this hour, and none of them were drinking now. Why would a servant come to the wine cellar?

Madam Bai looked at the other party’s figure and felt that this person looked very familiar!

However, the light was dim and it was impossible to see clearly.

After a while, another person pushed the door open and entered.

When he came in, he went straight to the point. “You’ve received Master’s letter, right? Follow the letter’s instructions and take action as soon as possible. Don’t cause any additional trouble!”

The other person nodded. “Don’t worry. No matter how high Bai Yi’s military achievements are and how good his relationship with the emperor is, the emperor will definitely be suspicious of Bai Yi once this matter is exposed!

“As long as we frame him for treason, the rest of the things will be much easier!”

“Bai Yi has killed tens of thousands of our Yaoxia Kingdom’s people. If we don’t take revenge for this, we won’t be able to live as a citizen of the Yaoxia Kingdom! This time, we must do a good job. Master has arranged for you to hide in Great Qi for more than ten years. It’s time for you to truly show your usefulness. You must be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve always been trusted by Bai Yi and won’t be suspected. After this matter is done, I’ll be able to return to Yaoxia and reunite with my family!”

The two of them were discussing passionately when Bai Yi stood up from behind the shelf with a dark expression, holding a brick that was used to press down the wine vat.

His voice was serene. “Butler Wu, I’m afraid you’ll have to be disappointed.”

“Who’s there!” The two of them were shocked.

A moment later, someone lit a flint.

Bai Yi could clearly see that the butler, Old Wu, who had worked in his residence for nearly ten years, was standing in front of him!

The man beside Butler Wu was a stranger in night clothes.

Compared to him, Butler Wu looked very flustered.

He did not expect Bai Yi to appear here!

The man in black frowned, his eyes filled with killing intent. “He heard everything. Kill him!”

After saying that, he drew his sword and attacked Bai Yi!