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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 205 - The Princess Spent the Night in the Manor

Chapter 205: The Princess Spent the Night in the Manor

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After Ye Siming entered the manor, he passed by the main hall. Bai Yi had just finished with his sword practice and was walking toward the backyard.

The two of them bumped into each other.

Bai Yi quickly bowed. “Princess, are you here for dinner?”

Ye Siming frowned.

Why was Bai Yi calling him the princess?

It was until a familiar tender voice came from behind him. “That’s right! I came quite abruptly, so Uncle Bai Yi, you don’t have to prepare a lot of food for me. A bowl of porridge and a plate of meat will be enough to fill Baby Nuo’s stomach!”

Ye Siming suddenly turned around and saw the child following behind him. Her eyes were bright, her face was fair, and her eyes were curved from smiling.

When did she come over? He didn’t notice at all just now.

“You…” Ye Siming was surprised.

Before he could finish, Gu Nuo’er quickly ran to Bai Yi. “Uncle Bai Yi, Elder Brother Siming and I are both hungry. When can we eat?”

Bai Yi hurriedly said, “I’ll go and urge my wife now. Siming, quickly bring the princess to the main hall to wait for a while!”

With that, Bai Yi hurriedly turned around and ran to the kitchen.

Ye Siming frowned. “Why did you follow me?”

Gu Nuo’er placed her small hands behind her back and said arrogantly, “Can’t it be because I miss Uncle Bai Yi and Auntie? Hmph, if Elder Brother Siming wants to be angry with me, I’ll keep pestering you until you’re not annoyed anymore!”

She ran happily towards the main hall.

Ye Siming stood there in a daze and quickly caught up.

At this moment, in the palace.

The hidden guard that Noble Consort Qiao had sent to guard Gu Nuo’er, Zhang Sui, respectfully handed the emperor a piece of paper.

“Your Majesty, this is the princess’s drawing of her whereabouts tonight. Please take a look.”

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows curiously and took a look.

It wrote, ‘Father, Mother, I’m going to the doggy’s house to play!’

In place of the word ‘doggy’ was a picture of a dog with its tongue sticking out. Gu Nuo’er had drawn it with her innocent and childish drawing skills.

Gu Yihan frowned. “The doggy’s house is…?”

Zhang Sui’s expression didn’t change, but he felt very embarrassed inside. “This subordinate followed for a while. Judging from the direction, it should be General Bai Yi’s manor.”

When Gu Yihan heard this, he laughed heartily and said to Eunuch Chunshou beside him, “Bai Yi is tall and strong. I wonder how Nuo’er sees him as a small dog.”

Eunuch Chunshou and Zhang Sui exchanged a glance.

Why did the two of them feel that this little dog head was drawing Young Master Ye?

They didn’t dare say or ask anything.

Over at the Bai Manor, Madam Bai helped take food for Gu Nuo’er and didn’t forget to ask, “Did the princess tell His Majesty and Her Highness that you’re coming for dinner tonight? We wouldn’t want them to worry because they don’t know about this.”

“I did. I left a note for Elder Brother Zhang Sui to pass to Father!”

Bai Yi nodded. “That’s good. If the princess is in a hurry to go back later, this subject will send you back.”

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand. “If it gets too late, I’ll just sleep here. Anyway, Father and Mother already know that I’m here.”

Bai Yi and his wife looked at each other and immediately took this matter seriously!

This was the first time they had hosted the princess to spend the night in their residence!

Madam Bai quickly left halfway through her meal. She wanted to prepare a comfortable room and the softest bed for the princess!

After the meal, Gu Nuo’er put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth.

Then, she jumped off the chair and ran out. She didn’t forget to say, “I’ll go take a look around. Uncle Bai and Elder Brother Siming, enjoy your meal!”

Ye Siming looked up and watched as the child left and ran far away.

He frowned slightly.

What was this little thing going to do now?

It was so dark outside. Would she fall? If she hurt herself, would she cry again?

At the thought of this, Ye Siming put down his chopsticks. “I’m done too. Please enjoy your meal.”