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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 203 - Siming, You Couldn't Have Been Anxious, Could You?

Chapter 203: Siming, You Couldn’t Have Been Anxious, Could You?

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Gu Nuo’er followed a few youths to their class and immediately caused quite a commotion.

As she ate the sweet pastries that everyone had prepared, she was surrounded by these people and asked questions.

Gu Nuo’er’s voice was sweet and her words were adorable. From time to time, she would make these older brothers and sisters laugh.

She sat at a table and swayed her small feet. Her small face was round and red, her hair black, and her eyes were watery. Everyone liked her very much.

At this moment, one of the young masters asked the person who brought Gu Nuo’er over, “Why don’t I see Young Master Ye?”

“He wasn’t there when we went.”

This young master became a little hesitant. “This… Then he doesn’t know that the princess came over with you guys? That’s not good, right? After all, he’s the princess’s guard. He might become anxious if the princess has gone missing.”

The other party laughed loudly and didn’t take it seriously at all. “We’re just in the school and it’s not like we’ll abduct the princess and sell her. Besides, that Young Master Ye is too cold and it’s not easy to get close to him. If he’s anxious this time, we’ll just treat it as joking around with him!”

The young master vaguely felt that something was wrong, but seeing that the other party didn’t care at all, he stopped persuading him.

After Gu Nuo’er finished eating the pastries, these older brothers and sisters started to play the zither for her. The child had a lot of fun playing.

Unexpectedly, when Ye Siming returned to the classroom and realized that she had disappeared, he immediately frowned.

It was almost time for class. Where did the little thing run off to?

Ye Siming knocked on the table of a classmate who was sleeping soundly.

The other party raised his head in a daze and rubbed his eyes. “Young… Young Master Ye? What’s the matter?”

‘Did you see where the princess went?’

“The princess? Isn’t she sitting in the classroom?” He looked around but didn’t see Gu Nuo’er. “That’s strange, I saw her before I fell asleep.”

Ye Siming’s face darkened and he went out to look around.

He even searched the flower bed where Gu Nuo’er had planted the pink flower but she was not there either.

Ye Siming’s expression was dark as he walked along the long corridor of the school and bumped into Jiang Xiaoran, who was on his way back.

“Eh? Siming, you came in first. Why haven’t you returned to class yet? The teacher will be coming soon!”

Ye Siming’s voice was deep. “Gu Nuo’er has gone missing.”

“What?!” Jiang Xiaoran was suddenly shocked. “Could she have run off to somewhere to play?”

Ye Siming didn’t answer. His cold eyes looked around.

Where could this little thing run to?

He slowly took a deep breath and carefully sniffed for every trace of Gu Nuo’er’s sweet fragrance.

In the school, as long as it was a place she had passed by, she would leave behind a sweet scent.

However, only the place where she was now would have the clearest scent.

Ye Siming suddenly looked up and quickly walked towards a classroom.

He suddenly pushed open the door. Gu Nuo’er was sitting among the crowd, surrounded by everyone.

There was a young master dancing with a sword in front of her.

Gu Nuo’er’s eyes were sparkling as she clapped her hands. “Elder Brother Xiao Xia is so awesome!”

Just as everyone was in high spirits, the sound of a door being smashed could be heard.

The atmosphere turned silent.

Everyone turned to look at the door. Ye Siming was standing there with a dark expression.

There were still wood shavings on his fist that came from the pitiful door that was smashed.

Jiang Xiaoran followed behind him and ran over, panting. When he saw this scene, he hurriedly shouted, “Why didn’t you say anything when you brought the princess over to play?!”

Xiao Xia had played cuju with Jiang Xiaoran and Ye Siming the day before. He was considered to be on more familiar terms with them.

Therefore, he took the initiative to walk over and explained with a smile, “We brought the princess here to play for a while. Siming, you couldn’t have been anxious, could you? Would we abduct the princess?”