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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 201 - Like This Fragile Little Milk Bun

Chapter 201: Like This Fragile Little Milk Bun

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Lord Xue immediately felt a bone-piercing coldness and shudder running down from his head to toe.

It forced his legs to keep trembling. In the end, he lay on the ground and kowtowed. “This subject will remember Your Majesty’s teachings!”

This was the emperor warning Lord Xue.

The officials were all puzzled. Why did the emperor change his style of killing people so easily this time and choose to give them a sinister hint instead?

However, the current situation made people even more afraid.

In the carriage, Gu Nuo’er was lying on the soft cushion like a kitten, sleeping sweetly.

Ye Siming looked at her many times and took out a package of wax paper.

After opening it with his long and slender fingers, a sweet fragrance immediately wafted out.

“Oh?” Gu Nuo’er sniffed and opened her eyes in a daze. She sat up. “What’s that smell? It smells so good.”

Ye Siming suppressed his smile and pretended to be serious. “Sweet pancake. I think you should be full from breakfast and can’t eat anymore, right?”

Sweet pancakes?

Gu Nuo’er quickly crawled to Ye Siming’s side with her small hands and feet. She looked at the golden and crispy sweet pancake in his hand.

“Wow! It looks much better than the last time when it was black! It should be very sweet.”

Ye Siming pursed his thin lips and handed the wax paper package to her, his tone still sounding very arrogant. “Won’t you know after you try it?”

The child couldn’t wait to reach out her hand, but as soon as she touched it, she retracted her hand because it was too hot.

“It’s so hot!”

Her soft and fair pinky was actually scalded red.

Gu Nuo’er couldn’t help but tear up. Although she didn’t want to cry, she was too delicate, so the pain was intense.

She blew at her fingertips aggrievedly and looked up at Ye Siming. Her long eyelashes fluttered and tears were about to fall. She looked weak, pitiful, and helpless.

Ye Siming frowned and immediately grabbed her wrist to look at the burn.

The little thing’s skin was too tender. With just a touch of the hot pancake, it looked like her finger was going to swell up.

He had failed to take into consideration that she was a fragile and delicate girl.

Ye Siming looked at her aggrieved expression and revealed a helpless look in his cold eyes. “It was my fault that I didn’t remind you. Don’t move.”

After saying that, he grabbed Gu Nuo’er’s injured fingertip.

In an instant, a chill spread from her small finger to her entire arm.

The scalding pain quickly disappeared.

Gu Nuo’er widened her eyes. “It doesn’t hurt anymore! Elder Brother Siming is so amazing! Your palm is so cold!”

Ye Siming sneered perfunctorily.

What a delicate little thing.

He could only take care of her more carefully, treating Gu Nuo’er as a flower that he was raising.

This flower took more effort to take care of than everything he had done in the past.

He held her injured fingertip with one hand to lower the heat from the scald.

With his other hand, he picked up the sweet pancake and blew on it before handing it to her. “I’ll hold it. Go ahead and eat.”

Gu Nuo’er widened her eyes. “Elder Brother Siming, doesn’t it feel hot?”

“I’m not as delicate as you.”

Gu Nuo’er lowered her head, carefully bared her small teeth, and took a bite.

Her hair swayed back and forth, and she looked extremely cute.

Her small cheeks were chubby and bounced as she chewed.

Gu Nuo’er ate the sweet pancake and immediately narrowed her eyes in bliss.

When Ye Siming saw her like this, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Is it good?”

“It’s so delicious!”

Ye Siming lowered his eyes and suppressed his smile.

It was not in vain that he had been working on this thing in the kitchen before dawn.

Gu Nuo’er obediently bit the sweet pancake in his hand while Ye Siming looked at how docile she was.

He was very satisfied.

He was starting to like this fragile milk bun a little.