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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Mother Is Busy, Nuo’er Will Bring You to Go and Play!

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Noble Consort Qiao’s beautiful brows suddenly furrowed.

The empress did not understand what was happening and asked with a smile, “Nuonuo, what are you whispering to your mother about?”

Noble Consort Qiao turned around and said, “Elder Sister Lan, how many people did you leave behind to help in the back hall today?”

The empress was stunned and thought about it carefully for a moment.

“Cailuan has always been waiting upon me by my side. This lass is considerate and is unwilling to leave me by myself.

“She should be in the rear hall preparing tea now. Huazhi and Jinxiu should both have gone out. They aren’t on duty today and I don’t restrain them either.

“Oh, there might also be Qinghe there. She said this morning that she isn’t feeling well, so I permitted her to rest. Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Recalling Noble Consort Qiao’s character, the empress thought that the noble consort just wasn’t pleased that these palace servants were slacking off.

She smiled gently and patted the back of Noble Consort Qiao’s hand.

“Yayu, I know you’re doing this for my own good, but they’re still young girls. This is how my body is.

“Why insist on letting them stay in front of me? They don’t feel good seeing me so sick either.”

However, Noble Consort Qiao calmed down and said with a deep gaze, “Elder Sister Lan, what if I say that the person who poisoned you…”

“Might turn out to be these palace maids with whom you usually sympathize. Would you believe me?”

The empress was shocked. “What did you say? How… How can that be? I usually treat them so well, but they actually have such evil intentions?”

Gu Nuo’er leaned by the bed, her round face that was fair and adorable also hid a hint of anxiety.

“It’s true, Empress Mother! Nuo’er saw it! That older sister was putting something in the tea!”

Noble Consort Qiao and Nuo’er wouldn’t harm her.

When the empress heard this news, it was undoubtedly a heavy blow.

How did she end up like this when she treated others well?

In a few moments, Noble Consort Qiao had already thought of a countermeasure. She helped the empress lie down again.

Her beautiful face was filled with calm confidence.

She covered the empress with a blanket. “Elder Sister Lan, I’ll take care of everything. When that palace servant comes in later, you just have to pretend to be asleep.”

“You don’t have to get up no matter what you hear. You usually treat people too well. If they don’t cherish your kindness, I’ll definitely teach them a lesson.”

The empress and Noble Consort Qiao both knew in their hearts.

How would the servants dare to drug the empress?

There must be someone behind this!

Noble Consort Qiao was going to show off her viciousness, so she naturally could not let her little darling see it, lest it left a psychological trauma on her beloved daughter.

She bent down and said softly and gently to Gu Nuo’er, “Baby Nuo, Mother has to stay behind now.

“I’ll have to help your Empress Mother. Mother will let Wanyin accompany you out for a walk, alright?”

Gu Nuo’er’s black eyes looked at the empress on the bed and then at her mother.

She immediately nodded her head. “Mother, don’t worry. Nuo’er knows that you’re going to beat the bad bad. Nuo’er won’t cause trouble!”

With that, the child walked towards Wanyin.

She tiptoed and reached out a small hand, trying to hold Wanyin’s hand.

“Hu~ Elder Sister Wanyin, let’s go. Mother is busy, Nuo’er will bring you to go and play!”

Wan Yin couldn’t help but laugh. “This servant will accept the invitation.”

Wanxuan watched enviously as the princess left, sighing, “Your Highness, Wanyin is too lucky. Your servant also wants to bring the princess out to play!”

Who wouldn’t like such an intelligent and adorable precious child.

Noble Consort Qiao stopped smiling and composed herself, saying seriously, “You stay behind. I still need you to do something for me.”

“This servant waits for Your Highness’s orders.”

“If Cailuan were to bring in the tea later, you go and lock the door. I’m going to close the doors and beat the dog, taking the harem in place.”

The noble consort’s beautiful eyes flashed with a hint of dazzling arrogance.

Who’d dare to make a move on the empress in front of her eyes? They must not want to live anymore!