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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 198 - We Can't Let This Matter Go

Chapter 198: We Can’t Let This Matter Go

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Madam Zhao was shocked and quickly went forward to hug her master’s arm.

She cried, “Master, how can you not care about Zheng’er? He’s your biological son! Now, he was almost killed by someone.

“How could we just let the matter go? Even if Zheng’er had offended the princess first, what can’t be resolved through discussion?

“Why did that thug with the surname Ye have to be so ruthless to Zheng’er? If we can’t get justice from the princess, we can go and ask that Young Master Ye for an explanation!”

When Lord Zhao heard this, he revealed a disappointed expression.

“Foolish woman! Zheng’er was the one who had offended the princess first and thus forced Young Master Ye to take action. Do you think we’ll be able to gain any benefits in the end?

“Madam, you’re too naive! If you hadn’t allowed Zheng’er to do whatever he wanted, he wouldn’t have to suffer today!

“A loving mother has more sons. You and I have to reflect on ourselves. Don’t blame me for not caring about him. I’m saving his life! In my opinion, in the coming month,

“It’ll be better if he doesn’t go to school anymore. Take the opportunity to recuperate at home. When you’ve recovered, come with me to apologize to the princess and Young Master Ye!”

After saying that, Lord Zhao once again warned Profligate Zhao not to bear a grudge and do something that couldn’t be salvaged.

He flicked her sleeves and left, leaving Madam Zhao lying by her son’s bed, crying her heart out.

At the same time, the Xue Family was also cursing Gu Nuo’er and Ye Siming.

The Xue couple closed the door and stayed by the injured Xue Yumeng’s side, worried.

Xue Yumeng cried the loudest, her heart filled with grievance.

“Father, Mother! I only said a few words to Gu Nuo’er and she got the guards to hit me ruthlessly. She even said that she was definitely not going to show any mercy!

“Uncle has already been unable to eat or sleep because of her. Now, she was still using her status as a princess to humiliate me.

“My classmates have all seen my sorry state today. If I don’t vent this anger, I won’t be able to live either!”

She lay in the brocade blanket and cried her heart out.

At this moment, Xue Yumeng’s exposed back was covered in shocking red rod marks.

There were more on her butt, but it was not convenient for her to show them.

Even though she had just applied some medicine, the wounds were still burning.

Xue Yumeng lay under the blanket, crying and scolding Gu Nuo’er.

Madam Xue gritted her teeth in hatred.

The princess had already complained about her younger brother, the East Defender General. And now, the princess even came to bully her daughter!

This was too much!

At this moment, Madam Xue seemed to have forgotten that half of East Defender General’s embezzled military funds had been used to buy the most fashionable dresses and hair accessories for Xue Yumeng.

The money that could have been used to save soldiers’ lives also became the delicacies on the Xue Family’s table.

Madam Xue looked at Lord Xue, who was frowning and silent. She reprimanded him, “Husband, say something! Meng’er has been injured to this extent.

“Furthermore, she’s a girl. I think the little princess isn’t hitting her, but the face of our Xue Family! Meng’er is our only daughter. We can’t let this matter go!”

Lord Xue said impatiently, “Of course I know that we can’t just let it go, but what can you do now? Are you trying to hit a rock with an egg? That’s courting death!

“Do you know that we’re facing the emperor who is behind the princess? We still have to consider this matter at length. The day when the little princess becomes unimportant might be our chance!”

Madam Xue’s tears flickered. “You’re the one talking about fantasy. His Majesty only has one daughter. Even if the noble consort loses favor, the princess will still be valued!”