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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 192 - The Princess Won't Help You Up. Reflect on Yourself

Chapter 192: The Princess Won’t Help You Up. Reflect on Yourself

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This was a life-saving grace. Although Jiang Xiaoran’s words were overboard, they were not without reason.

Everyone was filled with regret. Who would have thought that the little princess would be so accurate?

The headmaster quickly came over and bowed deeply to Gu Nuo’er. “Princess, please accept this subject’s bow!”

Gu Nuo’er hid behind Ye Siming and stuck out her head, the eyelashes of her bright eyes fluttering. “Headmaster uncle, I’m just protecting the people on behalf of Father~ There’s no need to thank me!”

The headmaster had a strong urge to bow and kowtow to Gu Nuo’er.

Meanwhile, those people who were still clamoring just now also silently came over to apologize to Gu Nuo’er after accepting the truth.

The child blushed shyly and hid herself in Ye Siming’s robe like a kitten, only revealing a pair of big sparkling eyes.

“Older brothers and sisters, it’s good that you’re safe. I won’t be angry either!”

For a moment, the little princess’s magnanimous and cute appearance left a deep impression on everyone.

At this moment, Xue Yumeng was supported by a maidservant and limped over.

Her gaze was vicious as she shouted, “Headmaster! Just now, I stepped on water and slipped in the long corridor. The princess saw but didn’t help me.

“Furthermore, she even mocked me. I know that she has a noble status, but for something like this to happen in our school, if you don’t give me a clear explanation, I’ll find it very difficult to accept!”

The headmaster was just feeling relieved and a lingering fear from having survived a crisis.

It was really not the right time for Xue Yumeng to come looking for trouble!

At that moment, everyone saw the headmaster’s expression sink.

“Miss Xue, why are you blaming the princess for your slip? Even if she passed by, she might not have seen you. What if she was far away?”

Xue Yumeng said angrily, “Headmaster, how can you be finding excuses for the princess?! She clearly ran past me!

“Not only did she see me clearly, but she even bragged to me that her flower didn’t die and said that I fell quite badly. If this isn’t mockery, what is?!”

Before the headmaster could say anything, the other students became impatient.

“Miss Xue, are you done? The princess is only three years old. Even if you fell, do you expect her to help you up?”

“That’s right. Besides, everyone was almost buried under the ruins of the building and crushed to death just now. It’s all thanks to the princess’s reminder that we managed to survive! You said that she especially left you in the lurch. Since that’s the case, you should reflect on yourself.”

Xue Yumeng glared angrily. “Then doesn’t this matter seem even more ridiculous? Could it be that the princess can predict the future? How could she know in advance that the building would collapse? In my opinion, the princess isn’t able to escape responsibility with regards to the collapsed building!”

Jiang Xiaoran couldn’t stand it anymore. “Xue Yumeng, are you able to say good things with your mouth? Your ugly appearance of being jealous of the princess really disgusts me!”

Xue Yumeng had always been a young lady from an aristocratic family and had always been curried up to by everyone. She had never had anyone speak so badly to her face.

Her eyes immediately turned red. She pointed at Gu Nuo’er and shouted with tears in her eyes, “Princess Yaoguang, do you dare to tell everyone the truth? How did you know that the building was going to collapse?!”

Gu Nuo’er hugged Ye Siming’s arm with both hands and stuck close to him. Her big eyes were filled with clarity and innocence.

“It’s because I saw it. When I came over to eat, I saw that the tiles on the roof had fallen. It wasn’t just one piece, but three or four pieces. From the outside, the building did look a little slanted!”

Xue Yumeng chuckled. “Just based on this, you know that the building is going to collapse? You’re lying!”