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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 190 - If You Don't Come Out, The Building Will Collapse!

Chapter 190: If You Don’t Come Out, The Building Will Collapse!

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Ye Siming brought Gu Nuo’er to the kitchen. Gu Nuo’er’s voice was soft and she was a little surprised. “Wow, Elder Brother Siming, you know where the dining hall is?”

“I don’t,” he said coldly.

“Then how could you walk that way so quickly?”

“I can smell the fragrance.”

Gu Nuo’er was astonished again.

She sniffed hard. There was the fragrance of food coming from everywhere!

To think that Elder Brother Siming could find the place accurately. As expected of a big doggie!

By the time they arrived at the dining hall, many students had already arrived.

The dining area was divided into four rooms, each being able to accommodate more than 50 people.

Everyone entered in succession, chatting and laughing away.

Ye Siming and the others didn’t have umbrellas. He looked around and planned on stuffing Gu Nuo’er into his clothes then ran over while carrying her.

However, at this moment, Gu Nuo’er quickly waved her small hands and feet. “Elder Brother Siming, stop quickly. Don’t go over!”

Ye Siming stopped in his tracks. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s danger. You mustn’t go in. Put me down quickly!”

She struggled with all her might and finally slipped away from Ye Siming’s hands. Then, she rushed into the rain without a care.

Her small body let out a childish roar. “Hurry up and come out! The third building is about to collapse! Hurry up and come out!!”

Everyone turned to look at the little pink ball that had suddenly rushed out.

As she was young and looked young and cute, no one cared about what she said. Instead, they laughed softly and became noisy again—

“This little girl is really cute. When did our school have such a young student?”

“She looks too much like a doll from a New Year painting! Her round face is flushed red. She’s really beautiful!”

“Stop talking. This is Princess Yaoguang. If you talk too much, His Majesty might think that you guys are going to snatch his precious daughter away!”

No one took Gu Nuo’er seriously and they were all laughing, thinking that Gu Nuo’er was playing a prank.

The child became anxious. She stood outside the third dining hall and opened her small hands, not letting anyone else enter.

She kept turning her head and calling out, “The people inside, come out quickly! The building is really about to collapse!”

However, only a few people heard the commotion and ran out to check the reason.

When they saw that it was a little girl saying this, they didn’t take it seriously.

The small hair on Gu Nuo’er’s forehead was drenched, making the mole under her eyes look very delicate.

Seeing that no one believed her, Gu Nuo’er became even more anxious.

Her fair face was filled with worry.

With so many people around, it wasn’t good for her to cast spells.

But if she were to ignore this, how many people would be injured?!

At this moment, a cold figure brushed past Gu Nuo’er and went straight into the third dining hall.

Not long later, a commotion broke out inside. There was no lack of screams and panicked running sounds.

In the blink of an eye, everyone inside was chased out.

Ye Siming held his sword and followed behind. He picked up Gu Nuo’er and retreated under the roof on the opposite side.

His movements were smooth and fluid.

He didn’t forget to lower her head and sneer, mocking Gu Nuo’er’s naivety. “Why are you wasting time talking to them? You’re a princess. Don’t you know how to put on airs and order them?”

Gu Nuo’er lay in Ye Siming’s arms and waved her small hands, pretending to be experienced. “Uncle Grand Chancellor said that the more noble one’s status is, the more gentle they have to be when doing things!”

As they were talking, they heard dissatisfied discussions from beside them.

“Young Master Ye, you’ve gone too far. We’re just having our meal. What right do you have to attack us with a sword? You’re being too lawless! This is the school, not your general manor! You can’t do whatever you want!”