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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 185 - Why Did You Give Him Candy?

Chapter 185: Why Did You Give Him Candy?

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Not long later, Ye Siming brought Gu Nuo’er next to a well.

He fetched a bucket of water and had Gu Nuo’er stand while he used his hand to wipe the ink off her face in place of a handkerchief.

When he was squatting down and his eyes were close to hers, Gu Nuo’er could see even clearly that he was unhappy.

The child blinked. “Elder Brother Siming, why are you angry? Don’t you like classes?”

“That’s not it,” Ye Siming replied quickly.

Only after Gu Nuo’er’s small face was as clean and fair as before did Ye Siming stand up and look down at the child.

“Gu Nuo’er, doesn’t one only get candy for doing something right? Jiang Xiaoran didn’t do anything, so why did you give him candy?”

After saying that, he added, “It’s not right for you to give him candy because he treated you to a meal.”

Ever since he came to Great Qi and met Gu Nuo’er for the first time, the rule she had established for him was that one would only get candy if they did something right.

The first time he had saved her, she had given him candy. Later, when he had helped her pull the broken arrow out of the black bear’s neck, she had patted his head.

In Ye Siming’s perspective, this was praise. And only when one did the right thing would they receive praise!

Therefore, he was very confused and dissatisfied now.

Gu Nuo’er tilted her head and sized up Ye Siming carefully with the back of her hand.

Why did she feel that Elder Brother Siming was like a big dog that had lost its temper at this moment?!

Gu Nuo’er waved her little finger and said, “It’s not like that.”

She took out a precious candy from her waist pouch again and tiptoed to place it in Ye Siming’s palm.

“Giving candy isn’t a reward, but a form of sharing between friends. This is because I treat that idiot as a friend.

“So I shared my candy with him. Elder Brother Siming is also my best friend, so I also gave you candy.

Only master and servant would talk about rewards, but we’re friends! Isn’t that right? We’re equals!

“Although Elder Brother Siming is my guard in name, I’ve never treated you as a palace servant. We have to be best friends. I can give you all my candies!”

Ye Siming looked at Gu Nuo’er’s lively eyes as well as her cute and intelligent little face.

He frowned slightly.


He had always been a loner and was unfamiliar with this term.

“What is the definition of a friend?” he asked.

The three-year-old child stood in the breeze of early spring and told him with a smile—

“It means that when you encounter danger, you won’t abandon the other party. When you encounter difficulties, you’ll resolve them together. You’ll never point the sword in your hand at him. A friend will never betray you.”

Ye Siming’s heart trembled.

This was because if he were to do this in the Revert Ruination Realm, he’d die immediately.

Those who were exiled there were all ferocious beasts. They were the vilest and most ferocious demons.

They were heartless and had no morals.

For hundreds of years, he had been vigilant about everything. He wouldn’t fall asleep completely when he slept and still kept a trace of vigilance.

Even after becoming a demon god, he didn’t stop his massacres.

But now, this little thing actually told him that everything he had done in the past could be overturned.

One could even sleep well beside their friend?

Gu Nuo’er saw that he was feeling complicated, as if deep in thought. She planned to let Ye Siming think about it himself.

She grabbed his wrist with her small hand and started running back. “Elder Brother Siming, hurry up. The female teacher will be here soon. I want to plant flowers!”