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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 179 - What Were You Guys Laughing At Just Now?

Chapter 179: What Were You Guys Laughing At Just Now?

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Actually, they couldn’t be blamed.

Gu Nuo’er knew very well that it was because she was afraid that she would be late for her first day of school that she used a small spell.

She waved her hand and suddenly remembered that Ye Siming had told her to close her eyes and not to open them yet.

Hence, the child squinted her cute eyes and pointed in Ye Siming’s direction. “Someone over there wants to bully Elder Brother Siming. Hurry up and go help him!”

Under the princess’s order, the black cavalry commander suddenly drew his cold sword.

The black-armored guards behind him dismounted one after another and drew their swords in unison.

The scene was extremely terrifying. The surrounding students had never seen such a scene before and were so frightened that they didn’t dare to say a word.

At this moment, even a fool could tell.

Weren’t this beautiful little girl and that cold and terrifying youth the famous Princess Yaoguang, Gu Nuo’er, and her guard that was appointed by the emperor, Ye Siming?!

Everyone was worried for Young Master Zhao.

This time, he had kicked an iron plate and provoked someone he shouldn’t have!

There were even some people who were secretly happy.

They were all children from poor families and were often bullied by Young Master Zhao.

Everyone would be able to have their anger vented If they could see him get beaten up!

The black cavalry commander said solemnly, “These people bullied Young Master Ye and the princess. Arrest them and bring them back to the palace!”

However, Ye Siming didn’t even turn around and only waved his hand. “There’s no need for you guys. Wait at the back. I can handle it myself.”

The black cavalry was originally filled with killing intent, but after hearing Ye Siming’s words, they actually sheathed their swords.

However, at this moment, the profligates opposite Ye Siming were already dumbfounded.

The youth whom they had originally thought to be from a poor family was actually the adopted son of General Bai Yi, the one who even dared to reject the emperor’s offer.

And the beautiful and adorable child beside him was the Princess Yaoguang that they couldn’t afford to offend!

She was the emperor’s treasure. If someone were to dare lay their hands on her, their entire family would lose their heads!

Young Master Zhao’s face was pale as he watched Ye Siming get closer and closer. The sword in his hand was pulled out of its sheath, emitting a clanking sound.

Back when this sword was in General Bai Yi’s hands, it had followed him to the battlefield and had been stained with the blood of countless people.

Now that Ye Siming was holding this sword, his gaze was cold, making people feel afraid and even have the urge to go weak in the knees.

The profligates behind Young Master Zhao no longer dared to kick up a fuss. Instead, they were in a hurry to cut ties with him—

“Young Master Ye, we didn’t mean to offend you. It’s all Young Master Zhao’s orders. We definitely didn’t make things difficult for you on purpose.”

Ye Siming had already drawn the cold sword fully, pointing it at Young Master Zhao. His eyes were as cold as an iceberg.

“Why were you laughing just now?”

Young Master Zhao was so frightened that his legs were trembling and his heart seemed to have jumped to his throat.

How could he have the strength to answer Ye Siming’s question?

His lips trembled and it was difficult for him to even make a sound.

Ye Siming frowned and continued asking, “Was the way I lifted the princess off the carriage earlier wrong? What were you guys laughing at?”

The moment he said this, the surrounding people couldn’t help but gasp.

Ye Siming was really bold. Whoever helped the princess get off the carriage would carry her carefully.

However, he grabbed her as if she was a kitten.

This was the emperor’s precious treasure!

Young Master Zhao stammered, “I… I just feel that if it were a servant, they should carry their young master or mistress down.

“But if it’s a family member, they shouldn’t… shouldn’t lift someone up like that either. Instead, they should support them. I don’t mean anything else, nor do I mean to mock you!”