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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 178 - Thousands of Soldiers and Horses Coming to Help

Chapter 178: Thousands of Soldiers and Horses Coming to Help

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Ye Siming held onto his sheathe and looked at the profligate young master and the others in front of him murderously.

He recalled that before he left today, Bai Yi had told him earnestly.

“Firstly, you’re not allowed to hit anyone casually. Secondly, you must protect the princess’s safety. Thirdly… forget it, I can’t think of anything else. In short, you have to do things in a reliable manner.

“You must remember that we don’t solve all problems by force here. We can talk things out nicely. If we encounter people who aren’t easy to talk to, we’ll take other considerations.”

Ye Siming felt that this was what Bai Yi meant when he mentioned meeting someone who wasn’t easy to talk to.

He used his thumb to push his sword out an inch and looked sideways at Gu Nuo’er, who was blinking her big eyes. “Close your eyes. You can open them when I come to carry you later.”

Gu Nuo’er closed her eyes tightly.

When the leading profligate son saw Ye Siming holding a sword, he shouted in confusion, “What are you doing? Who are you trying to scare with a sword?”

Someone at the side saw that Ye Siming’s eyes were cold as if he was a ferocious beast that was about to pounce on its prey at any moment.

They were classmates who usually went to school together, so they quickly tried to smooth things over.

“Young Master Zhao, forget it. It’s not good to hold up class. Your teacher is the strictest.”

“That’s right. If we start arguing here, the carriages behind will be blocked. Wouldn’t that affect everyone?”

This Young Master Zhao was unwilling to let this go. He felt that if he didn’t teach Ye Siming a lesson, it would be very embarrassing!

How could he still dominate the academy in the future?

At this moment, a young lady in the crowd quietly walked to Gu Nuo’er’s side.

She was the eldest daughter of the Zhang Family, Zhang Jinyu, who had almost been cheated by the playboy, Young Marquis Jiang.

Zhang Jinyu couldn’t bear to see her being bullied by the profligates because of the favor Gu Nuo’er had done for her by giving her a reminder the other time.

She quietly held Gu Nuo’er’s hand and wanted to bring her to the side. She whispered in Gu Nuo’er’s ear, “Little girl, don’t go against this person whose surname is Zhao.

“He’s like an unreasonable mad dog. If he were to bear a grudge against you, you won’t be able to attend school in peace in the future. Come with this older sister over there.”

Gu Nuo’er turned to her and opened a small gap between two of her fingers, revealing her dark and beautiful eyes.

“Wow, it’s the beautiful older sister from last time.” Gu Nuo’er had a good memory and was very calm. “I don’t have to leave. I’m not afraid. Elder Brother Siming is here!”

“But… this…”

It was as if thousands of soldiers and horses had passed by.

However, this sound was actually because there were a lot of people coming and the horses had iron hooves on.

These iron hooves were often used on warhorses in order to scare the enemy off on the battlefield with the rapid sound of horses galloping.

And now, many of the people who heard this sound were young masters and young ladies from aristocratic families. They had never seen iron-clad horses before.

When they heard this sound that sounded like ten thousand horses galloping, they immediately looked up in fear.

There were more than 30 riders in black, riding on tall horses and coming in from the alley.

It wasn’t until they stopped at the entrance of the school that everyone saw that these guards were actually the emperor’s personal guards!

The leader got off his horse and knelt behind Ye Siming and Gu Nuo’er.

“This general is late! The princess and Young Master Ye’s carriage moved too quickly and we were too slow. Your Highness, please punish us!”

Originally, the cavalry had been following behind Gu Nuo’er’s carriage unhurriedly.

However, who would have thought that their carriage would suddenly speed up and leave them in the dust in the blink of an eye?

The group of guards was so scared of having lost track of the carriage that they started galloping fiercely for a while.