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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 176 - There's No One I Can't Bully

Chapter 176: There’s No One I Can’t Bully

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On the third day of February, at the beginning of spring, the weather warmed up and all lives came back to life.

Today was not only a sunny day but it was also an important day for Gu Nuo’er and Ye Siming as they were going to go to school.

Gu Yihan woke up earlier than ever and paced back and forth in the Qiushui Palace. “Guards, carriage, incense burner, servants, not a single one can be missing.”

As he pondered, he muttered to himself, “Should I bestow Ye Siming with a treasured sword? If he encounters someone who bullies the princess…

“Let him cut the person first before coming back to report to me?”

When Eunuch Chunshou heard this, he smiled dryly.

Your Majesty, isn’t this not too good?!

Eunuch Chunshou carefully persuaded at the risk of his death, “Your Majesty, today is the princess’s first day of school. If Young Master Ye is too fierce…

“It’s inevitable that it’ll leave a bad impression on the classmates. In this servant’s opinion, why don’t you let the hidden guards guard the quiet place? If anyone dares to be disrespectful to the princess, they can tell you when they come back. Those people will still get punished.”

When Gu Yihan heard this, he frowned and thought about it for a moment.

Then, he nodded and laughed. “Chunshou, your idea is not bad. My Nuo’er only needs to be an obedient and kind child.

“As her father, I’ll do the rest of the treacherous and cunning things for her!”

After saying that, Gu Yihan waved his hand and said with a lofty gaze, “Go and tell the hidden guards to keep a close eye. Even if someone dares to roll their eyes at the princess…

“Remember all of them and report them to me!”

Eunuch Chunshou felt ashamed, but he could only choose to silently inform the hidden guards.

Noble Consort Qiao was in the inner hall and was putting on clothes for Gu Nuo’er, who had just woken up.

This was the first time the child had woken up so early. Her chubby face was filled with sleepiness.

Noble Consort Qiao saw this and repeatedly kissed her cheek.

“Baby Nuo, do you remember what Mother taught you? What should you do if someone bullies you?”

Gu Nuo’er opened her mouth and yawned. “Uh, bully them back first. If I can’t beat them, then I’ll come back and tell Mother. Mother will help me deal with them!”

Noble Consort Qiao’s red lips curled up and she chuckled. “You remembered it wrongly. For those you can’t win against, let Ye Siming beat them up. If he meets someone extremely difficult to deal with, come back and tell Mother about it.”

Gu Nuo’er fluttered her long eyelashes and looked puzzled. “But Mother, there’s no one I can’t bully.”

Noble Consort Qiao helped her dress up and carried her into her arms with a smile. “Yes, yes, yes. Mother’s Baby Nuo is the smartest and cutest.”

When they reached the outer room, Gu Yihan took Gu Nuo’er from Noble Consort Qiao.

“Baby Nuo, shall Father not go to court today but send you to the state school first?”

Gu Nuo’er was yawning lazily when she became anxious upon hearing this. “No! The official uncles said that the country can’t be without a ruler for a day!

“If Father is lazy, then Nuo’er will also be lazy and not go to the state school!”

The child was really not interested in going to school.

As for the things that she could learn from school, she had already read the books from her father’s imperial study and library.

Gu Yihan quickly said, “Alright, alright, alright. Then Father will only send you to the carriage. Nuo’er, remember, you’re only going today to experience the feeling of sitting and learning with ordinary people.

“If you don’t like it, you can leave the state school at any time. Father will arrange for the best teacher in the palace to teach you.”

Gu Nuo’er gave a soft reply and then was carried into the carriage by Gu Yihan.

The carriage slowly moved. Gu Yihan stood on the spot, his eyes red.

People said that the sign of a daughter growing up was to go to school alone.

This meant that she was about to become a young lady and leave her father’s arms.

Although Gu Nuo’er still had more than ten years before she grew up, at this moment, Gu Yihan already felt the sadness and loneliness of an old father!