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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 175 - You Must Take Note of Ye Siming

Chapter 175: You Must Take Note of Ye Siming

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When Mu Shuzhen entered, Gu Nuo’er was sitting on the bed, swaying her fair and tender legs.

Her soft black hair was tied into a small braid by a palace maid, her bright eyes blinked like the bright stars in the sky.

She was surrounded by four beautiful palace servants who were either standing or kneeling. They were all taking measurements of Gu Nuo’er’s figure.

When the child saw Mu Shuzhen, she asked softly, “Elder Sister Shuzhen, are you leaving?”

Mu Shuzhen didn’t expect that the little princess would already know her intentions before she even spoke.

She nodded, hesitating to speak.

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand and said to the four palace maids from the Palace Bureau’s tailoring department, “Older sisters, you’ve been busy for a while and must be tired.

“Go out for a cup of tea. My mother has even prepared delicious pastries. We’ll continue later.”

The palace maids knew very well that this meant that the little princess wanted to speak to Mu Shuzhen alone.

They all got up and left.

After they left, Mu Shuzhen said, “Princess, thank you for your considerate care during this time. You’ve helped this servant out many times and this servant is extremely grateful.

“However, ever since A’Yun died, this servant kept feeling that if I were to stay in the palace, I would only drift further and further away from the Dao in my heart. Therefore, this servant wishes to request to keep watch at the imperial mausoleum.

“This servant’s personality is dull and am also clumsy, and is only suitable for those quiet places. When this servant gets there, I’ll have a chance to study the Daoist books properly.”

Gu Nuo’er had also heard the conversation between Mu Shuzhen and her mother earlier.

She knew that Mu Shuzhen had already thought it through.

The child did not object and agreed readily.

“Mother said that keeping watch at the imperial mausoleum is very tiring. Elder Sister Shuzhen, you have to work hard! If you want to go, just go. Nuo’er won’t be sending you off.”

Mu Shuzhen didn’t expect the little princess to be so easy to talk to.

Although she had always known that the princess was extremely easy to get along with, she was really surprised that the princess could agree to let her leave the palace.

“Your Highness, you…” Mu Shuzhen’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Although she still didn’t have freedom when keeping watch at the imperial mausoleum, it would make her feel more relaxed and at ease than when she was in the palace.

Gu Nuo’er looked at her red eyes and patted her with her small hand. She smiled charmingly and her eyes curved. “Elder Sister Shuzhen, why are you so surprised?

“Back then, when I chose you to be by Empress Mother’s side, I already said that I wanted you to be yourself. Now, you’ve mustered your courage and chosen what you like.

“Isn’t this very worth supporting? You’re leaving and I don’t have anything to send you off with. I hope that you can find the true Dao. When we meet again, I hope that you can already get rid of the title of a servant.”

Mu Shuzhen was very touched. She looked at Gu Nuo’er’s round face and tears trickled down her face like rain.

Ever since the incident with her family, only the princess had treated her amiably.

“Your Highness, can this servant… hug you?”

The child generously stretched out her two small arms. Mu Shuzhen knelt down and gently hugged Gu Nuo’er.

The princess was even more gentle and petite than she had imagined. The sweet milk fragrance on her body reminded everyone that she was a child.

However, she was a very intelligent and considerate child.

Before Mu Shuzhen left, she thought about it and decided to say something to Gu Nuo’er.

“Princess, that Young Master Ye… Please take more note of him. This servant feels that his identity is different.”

After the incident where Ye Siming wasn’t afraid of the fire and went straight to the scripture tower to save Gu Nuo’er, Mu Shuzhen’s impression of him had changed a little.

However, she had to warn the princess.

Gu Nuo’er recalled the strange black shadows she had seen around Ye Siming previously.

Her cute little eyebrows relaxed and she nodded innocently. “I understand!”

Elder Brother Siming had said that he would tell her when the time was right.