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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 173 - There's A Type of Happiness Called Stability

Chapter 173: There’s A Type of Happiness Called Stability

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Ye Siming adjusted his posture and slowly rocked the baby like how he had carried Gu Nuo’er back then.

As expected, the baby in his arms stopped crying and fell asleep with a faint furrow on his brows.

At the same time, he even sucked on his small hand.

He had clearly found peace in Ye Siming’s arms.

Seeing this, Gu Nuo’er covered her mouth and smiled. She said in a soft voice, “Elder Brother Siming, he trusts you a lot.

“My mother said that babies like to get close to good people the most and feel at ease in their arms. Looks like this baby thinks so too.”

Ye Siming lowered his head and frowned.

He was a good person?

He was a good person just because he knew how to coax a baby?

Gu Nuo’er was really terrifyingly naive.

However, Ye Siming couldn’t help but be gentler in his actions because of her words.

It was only after he narrowed his eyes and observed for a long time that he said to Gu Nuo’er, “He’s so ugly.”

After a while, Nanny Hu called them over to eat sweet pancakes.

Ye Siming slowly placed the baby back on the bed. Gu Nuo’er had already jumped off the bed and was running towards the sweet pancakes in bliss.

The two of them came to the kitchen, but there was no sign of Nanny Hu’s daughter-in-law.

Nanny Hu looked troubled, but she tried her best not to show it and make Gu Nuo’er worry.

“Cuixiu went out after saying that she was going out to buy groceries. She feels angry. Your Highness, don’t worry. It’s good for her to go out and relax.”

As Nanny Hu spoke, she handed over a plate of warm browned sweet pancakes and said with a smile, “Hurry up and eat them while they’re still hot.”

Gu Nuo’er raised her small hands and looked at the plate full of golden sweet pancakes. She gulped.

The outer layer of the pancake was crispy, and one could hear the crackling sounds when biting into it.

There was warm syrup inside. It was sweet but not sickening and the taste filled up one’s mouth.

Gu Nuo’er and Ye Siming took the plate and sat on the threshold. Gu Nuo’er leaned tightly against Ye Siming and ate heartily with a sweet pancake in each hand.

“Nanny’s sweet pancakes have always been especially delicious!” The child narrowed her eyes and her mouth glistened. She looked like a satisfied kitten.

However, Ye Siming didn’t eat the pancakes. He had never been interested in sweet things.

Seeing that he wasn’t eating them, Nanny Hu took the initiative to turn around and take out two fresh pancakes from the kitchen.

“These are salty ones. They are warm and delicious. Have a taste.”

Ye Siming sat upright. He shook his head and was about to say that he didn’t want to eat them.

Unexpectedly, Nanny Hu was very fervent. She broke off a small piece of the pancake and stuffed it into his mouth just as he opened it.

Ye Siming was speechless.

Nanny Hu smiled lovingly. “It’s delicious, right? You’re a little skinny. If Nanny is still in the palace, I would definitely feed up until you’re big and strong. Eat more.”

Ye Siming looked at her beautiful hair and the corners of her eyes that were filled with wrinkles from laughing.

He silently told himself that hitting old people was not allowed in this place.

He suppressed his irritation and obediently finished the scallion pancake.

Seeing this, Gu Nuo’er puffed up her cheeks and said, “Nanny, feed Brother Siming some more. He likes this!”

“I…” Ye Siming was about to refuse, but before he could finish speaking, the enthusiastic Nanny Hu fed another piece of pancake into his mouth.

Just like that, because Ye Siming didn’t have a chance to refuse, he accepted Nanny Hu’s “feeding” several times.

Ever since he came here, he had never eaten raw meat again. Instead, he enjoyed many delicious delicacies.

Sometimes, Ye Siming found it difficult to understand the happiness of these mortals.

It was just like how he didn’t know why Gu Nuo’er would be happy every time she ate something sweet.

He looked at Gu Nuo’er’s chubby face, with syrup that she had accidentally gotten onto it, and also the sparkle in her eyes.

Beside her, Nanny Hu wore a kind and amiable smile.

At this moment, he seemed to have suddenly understood a kind of happiness in their world.

Turned out that it was called stability.