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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 163 - This Is Your Bloody Calamity

Chapter 163: This Is Your Bloody Calamity

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Noble Consort Qiao smiled coldly and slowly brushed her jade-colored fingertips across the lid of her teacup.

The golden dangling hair ornament on her head reflected a cold luster.

“Priest, I was the one who had given birth to Nuo’er. She’s indeed smart, but if you rely on this to judge, aren’t you taking me for a fool?

“Either that or you feel that my temper is too good. Do you really think that I won’t attack religious practitioners like you? How dare you frame the princess?!”

Towards the end, Noble Consort Qiao suddenly slammed the table, causing the teacup to fly up a little.

The brush under Gu Nuo’er’s nose also fell to the ground.

When the priest saw that Noble Consort Qiao was really angry, he hurriedly knelt down and kept trying to appease her anger.

Noble Consort Qiao’s heart undulated, her beautiful eyes filled with anger and a terrifying deterrence.

A long silence passed in the hall.

Suddenly, a childish and soft voice sounded—

“I’m not of the Acolyte Fate. You won’t be able to deceive my mother. However, I can tell that you’ll meet with a bloody calamity today, priest uncle.”

The priest was alarmed.

Could it be that the little princess meant that Noble Consort Qiao was going to give him strokes of the paddle?

Before he could plead for mercy, Noble Consort Qiao waved her sleeves impatiently. “Today is the fifth day of the New Year. It’s still considered the New Year period and I don’t want to see blood and get bad luck. You guys can just throw them out and not have them hanging around in front of me.”

Moreover, when her daughter was by her side, Noble Consort Qiao had always taken care of her emotions and never lost her temper in front of Gu Nuo’er.

Wanyin and Wanxuan called over the guards and had them drag away the Daoist priest and his few flustered acolytes.

The guards chased them out of the palace and reprimanded coldly, “If you dare to spout nonsense again and offend the Noble Consort, you’ll be in big trouble!”

The priest stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

When he turned around, the guards had already turned around and walked away.

One of his acolytes quickly helped him up. “Master, are you alright?”

The priest stood up shakily. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and shook his head to express that he was fine.

However, he was planning in his heart how to make Noble Consort Qiao believe his words and obtain a huge sum of money.

He walked for a while and thought of the little princess’s black and soft eyes. When she looked at him, there seemed to be a magical power in her gaze.

He didn’t expect this child to be so smart and even come up with words saying that he would encounter a bloody calamity to fight back.

She was really too smart despite her young age.

The priest was lost in his thoughts when he felt as if he had stepped on a round stone. Thereafter, his body tilted and he fell forward uncontrollably, landing on his face.

A burning pain immediately came, and the Daoist priest cried out in pain.

The acolytes behind him ran over in a panic and helped him up. “Master! There’s a lot of blood on your face!”

The priest quickly reached out to touch it. Although there was no mirror for him to check, his fingers clearly touched a concave piece of flesh that pierced through the bridge of his nose and even to his right eyelid!

His palm was instantly dripping with blood, and he was in so much pain that he wanted to die.

The priest was furious and reprimanded the acolytes, “Why didn’t you guys help me a little? Ouch, it hurts! Quickly help me to the medical hall!”

The group left in a hurry. Just now, the Daoist priest was thinking about how to lie and say that the princess had an Acolyte Fate so that he could cheat money. At this moment, he had already forgotten about this matter entirely.

If he wanted to, he would know that what Gu Nuo’er said about him encountering a bloody calamity was true.

Very quickly, another four to five days passed. It was time for Ye Siming to enter the palace to play with the princess again.