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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 160 - I Want Father to Live Well

Chapter 160: I Want Father to Live Well

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Unexpectedly, the child frowned and pondered for a long time before saying, “Father, you can’t start from the capital.”

Gu Yihan propped his head with his hand and looked at his smart and sensible daughter calmly. “Tell me, why not?”

“It’s because there are too many people in the capital, the construction of the waterway will definitely cause some congestion. Our original intention is to transport things from outside.

“It’s not to further affect the lives of the uncles and aunties in the capital seriously. That’s why we can’t start from here. We have to start from… Uh…”

The child carefully crawled forward along the green and blue water routes on the map.

She continued until she reached the northward indicated on the map.

She pointed here with her small hand. “We have to start from here. Start building from Yi State’s Ling’an Prefecture to Chong State’s Wenxian Prefecture. This is a long line.

“However, Baby Nuo had heard from the official uncle from the Astronomical Directorate that the weather in the north has always been cold. That’s why, if they start the construction, they won’t be affected by the changing wind and rain.

“The last time the Minister of Revenue uncle came to report the population to Father, Baby Nuo had also heard that the Yi State is located in the extreme north.

“As a result, there is little work for the people living there. This led to many older brothers and sisters there having no choice but to leave their hometowns and head to the sunny south.

“Building a waterway is a very troublesome matter, so Father has to look for the older brothers and sisters who need to find work first. They won’t have any complaints.

“It’ll be fine as long as we pay them monthly salaries. As long as the first step moves on smoothly, the following progress will be easier when people from other places hear the news!”

Gu Yihan clapped his hands and praised Gu Nuo’er. He looked at the area that Gu Nuo’er had marked out to start the waterway construction and nodded vigorously.

“This location is well chosen. The first waterway that will be built will start Ling’an Prefecture’s Yishui River to Wenxian Prefecture’s Huai River. It won’t take long for it to be unblocked and cleared up.”

Gu Nuo’er said in a childish voice, “That’s right! Father, although the territory is huge and building waterways might seem to be a difficult task, Baby Nuo has taken a look and we only need to build four of them. In the end, the four waterways will converge together and become a big river that leads to the capital!”

She then pointed at the remaining locations.

Gu Yihan took a pen and paper and started writing.

Gu Nuo’er said, “As long as the first waterway from Yi State to Chong State is completed, the building of the second and third waterways can start concurrently.

“The fourth waterway is the most important and also the critical moment for the entire river. When Father arrives, you must bring Baby Nuo to the scene personally to appease the uncles who are building the waterways. Only then can everything be foolproof.”

The child crossed her arms and shook her head. “To put it bluntly, Father mustn’t feel bad about losing money!”

“It’s fine. Your Mother Yi’s family has plenty of money.”

Gu Nuo’er covered her mouth and sneered.

Her curved eyes were as bright as crescent moons.

However, Gu Yihan looked at the map and was greatly moved.

Not only did Gu Nuo’er help him think of such a good method that would benefit the people, but she also considered all aspects for him.

She wasn’t like a three-year-old. She was more like his ‘Knowledgeable Star1!

Gu Yihan picked up Gu Nuo’er and raised her high. “Baby Nuo, tell Father why you’re so smart. What good fortune did Father accumulate to make you my daughter?”

The child smiled cutely in her father’s hands.

“Father, before I was born, I was flying around in the sky and I saw you. My arrival is to let Father live better and better!”

Gu Yihan laughed heartily, treating his daughter’s words as child’s talk and not taking them seriously.