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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 151 - Why Would He Be Afraid of These Children?

Chapter 151: Why Would He Be Afraid of These Children?

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“Easily recover with some rest?” The third prince’s expression was tense and he looked very displeased. “You’re the general of this camp, so you should have known about its situation long ago.

“It has been a month since they had pursued the bandits. During this period, the military doctor used a lot of medicine.

“Why didn’t the injured get better? There were even a few soldiers who died from serious injuries.”

The East Defender General waved his big hand. “Your Highness, victories and defeats are common in war. These people are soldiers. Isn’t it normal for them to bleed and to die?”

The second prince frowned when he heard this. “What are you talking about? It’s not like they’ve contracted an incurable disease. These living people are lying on the sickbed and bleeding non-stop.

“But you’re actually saying that it’s normal? These are clearly lives that can be saved. Your attitude seems perfunctory and you don’t take them seriously. It’s no wonder these soldiers can’t get better!”

Advisor Cao, who was beside the East Defender General, was so anxious that his facial features were scrunched up from frowning.

Seeing that the two princes were angry, he quickly came out to smooth things over. “Our general often asks about the injured soldiers’ situation. It’s not that he doesn’t care. Your Highnesses, please understand.”

The East Defender General’s gaze swept across the two princes and the princess present.

In his eyes, no matter how noble they were dressed, they were just children.

He had been a general for so many years and was already like an old veteran.

Why would he be afraid of these children?

The East Defender General immediately said, “This subject is a martial arts practitioner. If what this subject said made Your Highnesses unhappy, please forgive this subject.”

His tone made it seem like this was how he was. Regardless if the princes and the princess were to accept him as he was, he wasn’t afraid.

Gu Nuo’er sat at the side and watched, her small hands supporting her round chin.

This East Defender General did not have the upright demeanor of a martial arts practitioner at all. Instead, his sloppy attitude was no different from the hooligans she had seen before!

The child tapped her cheek with her fingertips and said softly, “General, then let me ask you this. How many injured soldier older brothers are there in the camp now?”

The East Defender General was stunned and said vaguely, “About seven or eight. There were more before, but they have probably gotten much better now.”

Gu Nuo’er shook her little finger. “You’re wrong. There are a total of 36 of them. Every one of them bled non-stop when they were in pain.

“Their wounds keep tearing open and the food they eat isn’t good either. Even the healthiest person won’t be able to take it if they were to lie on the sickbed for too long!”

The child placed her hands on her hips. “East Defender General, you don’t know the situation as clearly as I do~”

The second prince sneered and echoed, “If you don’t even know your own soldiers, then I’m sure the general won’t be able to explain why my third brother realized that your military camp doesn’t have enough silver.

“As far as I know, my father has always been generous in terms of military expenses and has never mistreated these soldiers who have shed their blood for him. But when it comes to you, there isn’t enough money. This is strange!”

The third prince added, “That’s not all. I think we have to get the Censorate to intervene and investigate thoroughly.

“The East Defender General doesn’t usually train in the military camp and now he appeared, still reeking of alcohol. Could it be that he usually acts slovenly and doesn’t care about the soldiers’ lives?”

The three siblings spoke one after another, making the East Defender General feel ashamed!

He didn’t want to accept the second prince’s silver notes because once he did, the emperor would definitely find out.

If this matter blew up, the entire imperial court would know that he did not care about the soldiers’ injuries.

In his eyes, this group of soldiers could easily recover from getting some rest. For those who were unfortunate and died, he could just throw them out.

He mustn’t let the princes and the princess blow up such a small matter!