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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 142 - Bai Ze, I Don't Like It

Chapter 142: Bai Ze, I Don’t Like It

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Due to Ye Siming’s timely protection of the princess, Gu Yihan had specially conferred upon him an unprecedented title, “Youth Bai Ze1“.

The people of Great Qi believed in gods. They believed that Bai Ze was the supreme auspicious beast and guardian deity.

Not only did Gu Yihan allow Ye Siming to use the special Bai Ze badge, but he also gave the order of ‘seeing Bai Ze, knowing youth’.

This meant that when one saw the Bai Ze badge, they’d know that Young Master Ye had come.

Such badges and honors were rare in Great Qi.

Amongst those with similar precedence, the most powerful one was Noble Consort Qiao’s father, the Grace Defender Duke Back then, because of his reputation as the Invincible God of War, he had been conferred the Gou Chen1 Badge by the previous emperor.

As for the rest of the people who had obtained similar badges, they had either made great contributions and helped in making contributions to the founding emperor.

Or they were legendary military talents.

It was indeed the first time that someone had obtained such a great honor that was on par with that of various important officials through just having saved the princess’s life as Ye Siming did.

After the emperor’s order was given, the entire court was in an uproar.

Everyone sighed. The emperor really doted on the princess too much.

Even the princess’s guard could receive such good treatment.

However, everyone instantly understood.

The emperor prayed to the gods and Buddha and made an oath not to kill the innocent before he got himself this precious child.

Fortunately, nothing happened to the princess this time. Otherwise, if anything were to happen and the emperor was devastated, he’d definitely let the entire world share his pain.

Thinking of this, everyone felt relieved.

No matter how strange the emperor’s actions were, as long as it was for the sake of the princess, it would still seem normal.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Siming actually rejected the emperor’s gift.

He was not interested in such an honor at all and asked the emperor to retract his order.

Gu Yihan was slightly surprised. He actually felt that Ye Siming’s neither servile nor overbearing attitude made him very satisfied.

At the same time, Bai Yi returned to the residence and specially went to Ye Siming’s courtyard.

The youth was standing under the corridor, holding a book and frowning as he read.

Bai Yi couldn’t hide the pride in his tone. “Siming, it seems that you’ve already thoroughly understood the word ‘humble’ in our Bai Family’s teachings.

“The good sons of our Bai Family should be neither arrogant nor rash and know when to advance or retreat!”

Ye Siming looked up at him with a heavy gaze. “You’ve thought too much. I’ve seen Bai Ze before. It’s very ugly and I don’t like it. That’s why I didn’t want this gift.”

Bai Yi was stunned. “Where have you seen it before?”

Ye Siming frowned slightly and said after a while, “In a book.”

Not only had he seen it before, but he had also even beaten it up.

However, there was no need to tell Bai Yi about this.

Then, Ye Siming turned around and pushed the door open, entering the house.

Bai Yi stood there looking stunned and with his hands on his hips for a long time.

Turned out that Ye Siming wasn’t being humble or polite, but he despised the Bai Ze?!

The snow was falling, and soon it was New Year’s Eve.

Gu Nuo’er woke up early in the morning and sat beside Noble Consort Qiao, obediently waiting for the various consorts to come and give their greetings.

On a festive day like today, the consorts would first go to pay their respects to the empress before coming to the noble consort’s palace to have a chat.

Empress Du was gentle by nature and was now focused on recuperating, thus she didn’t take charge of the palace matters.

What really made the consorts nervous was coming to Noble Consort Qiao’s palace to pay their New Year greetings.

After all, Noble Consort Qiao was beautiful and ostentatious, and her methods were ruthless. How their new year would be dependent on her.

However, the little princess, Gu Nuo’er, was really dressed cutely today.

She was wearing a sapphire blue dress and had rabbit fur hair accessories on her two buns.

Her cheeks were tender, round, and fair, and she was sitting obediently on the chair while hugging her fabric tiger.

Every time a consort came in, she would wave her small hand. “Little Mother~”