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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Mother, Father, Nuonuo Will Protect You

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Left with no choice, she grabbed the little princess’s soft and fair hands, wanting to pull her off with brute force.

However, she didn’t expect that the little princess was stronger than her!

How could a three-year-old child be like this?

Just as Wanyin was about to get close to the nanny.

The nanny chose to fight to the death!

She grabbed onto Gu Nuo’er’s little face, then took out a handful of powder from the scented pouch with her other hand!

Everyone was shocked.

Gu Yihan’s face instantly turned ashen.

“What are you trying to do? Let go of the princess!”

The nanny pinched the powder and sneered. “You’re the emperor, but you’re cruel and cold-blooded. I want to take your life today!

“I didn’t expect a three-year-old child to see through my plans. If you still want her to live, get your men not to come over!

“Otherwise, my poisonous powder here is extremely intense and can take the princess’s life in just an instant!”

Gu Yihan gritted his teeth and his countenance sank. “If anything were to happen to the princess, I won’t just stop at skinning you and slicing off your flesh.

“I’ll even break your bones down to ashes, leaving nothing behind. If you have the guts, put down the princess. I’ll talk with you about the conditions you want!”

Noble Consort Qiao’s heart was up to her throat.

The little Nuo’er, who was restrained by the nanny, was not afraid at all.

She only pouted and spat out bubbles like a small goldfish.

She wrinkled her small nose, suddenly feeling a little itchy.


Gu Nuo’er let out a childish sneeze.

Her small body shivered.

This was something that the nanny had never expected.

The air that Gu Nuo’er blew out caused the powder in the nanny’s hand to fly!

The nanny stared with big eyes and had yet to say anything when she felt something flying into her nose.

This was bad! This was extremely intense poison!

Noble Consort Qiao was so frightened that her face turned pale. She shouted anxiously, “Nuonuo!”

Wanyin pounced over and protected the princess in her arms, covering little Nuo’er’s nose and backing off.

At first, this nanny’s countenance seemed normal with only her eyes wide open in astonishment.

However, in just the time it took for two blinks.

The nanny suddenly grabbed onto her neck with both hands, looking like she was having difficulties breathing.

Gradually, her countenance turned a purplish-black color.

She then fell to the ground and her limps started convulsing uncontrollably.

Black blood was flowing out from her mouth and nose!

The guards and eunuchs near the nanny quickly stepped further away.

Gu Nuo’er’s small hands grabbed onto Wanyin’s clothes as she looked curiously at the nanny rolling around.

It was until the nanny’s seven apertures started to bleed that Wanyin quickly covered Gu Nuo’er’s watery eyes that were like grapes.

Wanyin turned around, carried the princess, and handed her to the emperor.

Noble Consort Qiao quickly got close to take a look.

There were tears and lingering fear in her eyes.

“Nuonuo, don’t be scared. Mother is here.”

In comparison, Gu Nuo’er, who was the child, appeared a lot calmer.

She tilted her small head, her fluttering and bright eyes having a naivety, and the bells on her buns ring crisply.

Gu Nuo’er reached out her soft finger and wiped off Noble Consort Qiao’s tears.

“Mother, don’t cry.”

She guessed that her mother must be scared of that black and bad thing too.

Gu Nuo’er patted her tummy. “Mother, Father, Nuonuo will protect you!”

Gu Yihan pressed down his daughter’s head, not letting her see the horrifying state of the dead nanny who was on the ground.

Everyone in the hall was scared and silent from this episode.

This nanny was here to assassinate and poison the emperor.

From the position she was standing, she was tasked with serving the dishes.

This meant that, today, on the princess’s birthday banquet…

If the emperor was a little careless, he would end up eating poisoned dishes!

Even the princess or Noble Consort Qiao might also not be spared!

How did the princess discover that something was wrong with that nanny?