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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Birth of a Little Carp Princess

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In order to ask for a daughter, Gu Yihan had once set up an altar to worship the heavens. He swore to his ancestors and the gods, “If I get a daughter, I’m willing to withdraw my army and stop going out to war. I won’t kill innocent people, causing the world to be filled with corpses.”

The old man waved his wide sleeve, and the spring water in the pond surged!

Suddenly, a red and round koi fish was sent out by the water.

Before Gu Yihan could react, the old man waved his hand.

The small red celestial carp fell into Gu Yihan’s arms.

Gu Yihan was stunned and looked down. The small fish in his arms was blinking its bright black eyes.

When he raised his head again, that old man had disappeared!

Suddenly, the fish in his hands trembled.

Gu Yihan felt the weight in his hand lighten and white fog condensed. A three-year-old girl in a red dress stood in front of him with a lotus leaf umbrella.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and her black hair was long and draped over her shoulders.

Her grape-like clear eyes looked at Gu Yihan with a smile.

Her fair hands spun the lotus leaf umbrella and she called out softly, “Father!”

After saying that, she opened her small arms and ran towards Gu Yihan.

Gu Yihan quickly took the initiative to hug her. “My daughter!”

However, he grabbed nothing.

He woke up with a start and almost fell off the chair.

Thinking of the contents of the dream, Gu Yihan wasn’t able to come back to his senses for a while!

A huge wave of joy hit his body and mind.

He was going to have a daughter, right?!

At this moment, his personal eunuch, Chunshou, rushed in panicking.

He reported loudly, “Your Majesty! The Noble Consort went to Taishi Monastery to pray for a daughter today and her stomach suddenly started aching. Now, she’s about to give birth!”

Eunuch Chunshou felt that he had just finished speaking when a gust of wind blew next to him.

When he looked up again, the spot behind the table where the emperor had been standing was already empty.

“Hmm? Where’s His Majesty?”

He stood up and turned to look out of the door.

He realized that Gu Yihan Was already walking down the steps.

Gu Yihan instructed sternly, “Order the three armies to open up a path for me. I want to go to Taishi Monastery and bring my daughter into the palace!”

At night, in the Taishi Monastery’s meditation room, Noble Consort Qiao’s cries hadn’t stopped.

Both the midwife and the imperial physician had arrived. Outside, there were many times in which Gu Yihan almost couldn’t help but want to rush in to see the situation.

However, a few thunderclaps suddenly sounded in the sky.

Strong wind blew and dark clouds covered the moon in an instant. A strange winter thunderstorm was about to fall.

No one saw that on the back mountain of Taishi Monastery, all the animals were running crazily in the direction of the monastery.

There were foxes, tigers, wolves, sparrows, squirrels, and other animals.

They ran nearby and craned their necks to look at the brightly lit temple in the distance.

They seemed to be waiting for something.

Chunshou persuaded, “Your Majesty, it’s about to rain. Please go in and wait!”

However, Gu Yihan’s expression was dark as he kept on staring at the meditation room.

The winter thunder approached from afar as if it was about to strike everyone’s heads.


A loud baby cry sounded from the meditation room.

The midwife’s congratulatory voice rang out from inside, “Congratulations, Your Highness. It’s a little princess!”

Gu Yihan was overjoyed. Ignoring Eunuch Chunshou’s advice, he entered the delivery room.

Coincidentally, the midwife carried the baby in the swaddling clothes and had just walked out from behind the screen.

Gu Yihan carefully took the child from her hands. This was the first time he had taken the initiative to carry his child.

The baby in the swaddling clothes had extremely delicate skin that revealed the rosiness of a newborn.

The baby closed her eyes and was crying loudly when suddenly, it seemed as if she could feel her father carrying her.