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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Noble Consort Gave Birth

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8th of December, cold weather.

A woman’s painful cries rang out from the Taishi Monastery

“My stomach, it hurts…!”

“Your Highness, please hang on for a little longer. The midwife your servant has sent people to call for will be here right away!”

The woman in the room had astonishing beauty, her black hair sticking onto her snow-white face.

Although she was still young and beautiful, this was her first birth.

She clenched her teeth tightly but was still unable to stand the pain!

Next to her, the head palace maids Wanxuan and Wanyin were by the bed, cheering her on.

The two nannies who were outside were getting the other palace servants who came along on this trip to boil water, prepare scissors, and such.

The sky gradually turned dim and the moon quietly peeped out from the clouds.

Two young eunuchs stood in the corridor not far away and listened to the sounds coming from the room with heart-wrenching cries from time to time. They muttered softly amongst themselves.

“Hey, do you think Noble Consort Qiao will give birth to a prince or a princess this time?”

“She must want to give birth to a little princess. A while ago, the emperor even opened an altar to worship the heavens to ask for a daughter!”

“It’s really strange. Our Great Qi has 28 princes in a row, but no princesses at all.”

“I heard rumors that our emperor has killed too many people and is extremely violent. The heavens are punishing him for this. He wants a princess but the heavens don’t want to give it to him!”

“Shh, do you want to die?! How dare you make presumptuous comments on His Majesty!”

In the meditation room…

The lady who was being tormented by labor pains was His Majesty’s beloved consort, Noble Consort Qiao.

In the ten months of her pregnancy, she had been praying for a daughter every single day.

It was because the Great Qi’s emperor, Gu Yihan, had said that whoever gave birth to a daughter for him would enjoy endless glory and wealth!

Everyone knew that she was a noble consort who was doted on, but who would think of the fact that there were countless beauties in the harem?

Every day, she lived as if she was walking on thin ice, fearing that the love she received would be gone.

Due to this… even though she was on the verge of going into labor, she still carried her heavy and clumsy body to come to the Taishi Monastery to pray for a daughter.

However, she had just knelt on the cushion and hadn’t kowtowed when she started to experience labor pains.

The noble consort was going to give birth and the situation was very dire.

The monastery was supposed to be a place that didn’t permit bloodshed, but they had no choice but to free up a meditation room for the noble consort to give birth.

The palace servants were divided into two groups. Some went to invite the midwife in the city and the imperial physician from the palace, while others went to the palace to inform the emperor about this matter.

It all came down to this to see if it turned out to be a girl or a boy.

The palace’s Qianyuan Hall was well lit up.

The current emperor, Gu Yihan, was resting his head on his hand to relieve the fatigue from reading the memorials.

His face was like jade, and his yellow dragon robe accentuated his noble aura.

Under his handsome eyebrows was a pair of eyes that looked murderous and decisive when opened.

At this moment…

He frowned slightly as if he dreamed of something.

In his dream, he followed a mysterious guidance and walked amidst a glowing fog.

A white-browed old man in a wide robe suddenly appeared in front of him.

On Gu Yihan’s right, the fog slowly dispersed, revealing a clear pond covered by a lotus flower!

As the white fog dissipated, he saw a small stream that looked like the water from the galaxy pouring into the pond from the sky.

The water droplets were crystalline, the petals were a pure pink color, and the lotus leaves were crisp green.

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows slightly. “Who are you? How dare you not kneel when you see me?”

The old man stroked his white beard and smiled gently. “As expected of the ruler over the nine provinces. Even your tone is so arrogant.

“Forget it. I’m here today to fulfill your wish and give you a daughter. However, you have to remember the promise you made.”