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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 99 - A Sudden Clap Of Thunder, It Was Her!

Chapter 99: A Sudden Clap Of Thunder, It Was Her!

From the glass windows of the hotel, Su Wan skimmed through the short-haired girl wearing a white dress…

As they were a distance away, Su Wan couldn’t see the girl’s facial features clearly. She was sure the girl was not an ex-classmate but she felt the girl looked familiar.

Su Wan stood beside the window by the staircase. Her brows knitted and she started to think. Where had she seen this girl before?

Lin Fei’er’s mother raised her head and noticed Su Wan staring blankly. When she remembered that Su Wan didn’t know anyone here today, she smilingly walked up the staircase to approach her.

“Hey, Wan, why are you here spacing out? Do you want Aunty to introduce you to some friends?”

Su Wan was awakened from her thought. She smiled and shook her hand.

“No, thank you, Aunty. I know you’re busy. Please go ahead, I’ll be able to look after myself.”

“Good girl. This is from me, please accept it.”

Su Wan saw Aunty Lin placing a heavy red packet in her hand. She was overwhelmed. She quickly passed it back to her.

“Aunty, today is Fei’er’s wedding day, not mine. Aunty, if you want to give me a red packet, you may give it to me next time.”

Mrs. Lin actually saw her daughter’s diamond earrings and after asking, she knew it was Su Wan’s gift. She thought about it for a while and felt it was not proper, so she decided all by herself to repay Su Wan’s kindness.

Mrs. Lin was helpless when Su Wan declined firmly.

Guests had started to arrive and most of the guests were relatives. Mrs. Lin had no time to press Su Wan to accept. She could only entertain her guests first.

After Mrs. Lin left, Su Wan sighed a sigh of relief. However, when she turned around to look again, the girl in white was nowhere to be seen!

The time spent talking to Aunty Lin was short. Where could this girl have gone?

Su Wan looked around with uncertainty. In the end, from the window of the hotel, she saw a man and a girl standing facing one another at the narrow corner of the street!

Although quite a distance away, Su Wan could make out that the man was wearing a silver black tuxedo. Wasn’t he the main character of today’s wedding, Li Peng?

There was a slight surge of emotions in Su Wan’s heart. In a moment, she remembered where she had seen the short-haired girl before!

A few days ago, she had seen Li Peng and this girl walking side by side near Beitong’s development zone with her own eyes!

Why did they choose such a remote place to talk to each other?

Suspicion rose in Su Wan’s mind but what made her more stunned was when she saw the girl giving Li Peng something.

When Li Peng accepted the thing, the girl hugged Li Peng and very quickly turned and ran far away!

Su Wan was stunned looking at this scene. She felt a sudden clap of thunder in her heart. She was violently shaken and her mouth felt dry.

What had just happened?

She held back her expression. What one had seen might not be what one thought. Anyway, she did not know what Li Peng and the girl had talked about. She didn’t want to misunderstand Li Peng, so she decided to ask him.

No matter the answer, what was more important was not to hurt Lin Fei’er.

Su Wan walked down the stairs and saw that Li Peng had returned to the hotel. Su Wan walked toward him. Her palms sweated abnormally. She clenched her fists and tried hard to talk with her usual calmness.

“Senior Li, who was that girl?”

Su Wan thought her sudden question would make Li Peng unnatural.

However, she had not expected Li Peng to look at her calmly with his calm eyes and a warm smile.

“Oh, you mean Xiaobing? She’s my ex-neighbour’s daughter. She took her mother’s surname ‘Yang’. She was supposed to attend tonight’s wedding dinner but she has something on, so she sent us a wedding gift in advance.”

Li Peng then took out a gold and jade bracelet from the exquisite gift bag in his hand. The bracelet was not of the latest design but it had a festive look.

Holding the gold and jade bracelet, Su Wan’s lips moved a little but she was silent for a while.

Li Peng was so frank with her that it made Su Wan, who had innumerable twists and turns in her mind, put an end to her suspicion. Her tone of voice mellowed down as she asked, “Then, why did she…”

Su Wan frowned and did not mention about Xiaobin hugging him. There were many people walking by and if this was heard by someone who harbored bad intention, then trouble would befall.

“Why did she what?”

Li Peng was taken aback. Then, he smiled as he hit his head.

“You mean to ask why Xiaobing hugged me just now? She followed her mother to Nanyang when she was a little more than ten. You know how foreigners behave like that…”

What Li Peng said was reasonable. To people in Nanyang, hugging and kissing on the cheek were just forms of expressing intimacy between friends. These were equivalent to a handshake in Jiuzhou.

Su Wan hesitated for a while and finally chose to believe in what he said. Since Li Peng did not avoid talking to her about Yang Xiaobing, Lin Fei’er should probably know more than her…

“The wedding ceremony is starting soon. I’ll have to go and see to the guests.”

Su Wan nodded and carried her worries until she found Lin Fei’er. Lin Fei’er was toasting with someone. She tugged Lin Fei’er to one side and finally spoke after pausing for some time.

“Fei’er, do you know a girl by the name of Yang Xiaobing?”

“You mean my husband’s ex-neighbour’s daughter? Yes, I know her. She came back from abroad a month ago and brought me presents. Do you know her too?”

After hearing this, Su Wan was much calmer. She cheered up and smiled.

“I just saw Senior Li holding a gold and jade bracelet. I heard it was a wedding gift from that girl and so, I was curious.”

Lin Fei’er nodded smilingly. She wanted to say more to Su Wan but that moment, the wedding song could be heard. Hence, Lin Fei’er held the train of her gown and happily walked toward her father who was standing not far away.

Her arm went around her father’s elbow and they stood at the end of the red carpet under the wreath arch. A smile was seen on her face but her eyes were watery.

The melodious wedding song reverberated through the entire hotel, bringing out the grand and sacred atmosphere of the hotel decorated in a festive manner.

All the guests looked at the electronic screen in front of the emcee’s podium, displaying photographs of the bride’s and the groom’s lives since they met.

Some were of the wait during high school and some were of how they leaned on one another after high school. Both their eyes were on each other and that affection was definitely not feigned.

The couple in the screen were handsome and pretty and the images of their love and affection instantly made those who were not married envious.

Lin Fei’er walked slowly toward Li Peng. Her father passed her arm to her husband. The newlywed couple smiled sweetly and walked to the emcee podium.

Under the witness of everyone, the emcee started stating the marriage vows. Although these marriage vows had been heard numerous times, its content remained sacred.

Lin Fei’er and Li Peng smiled with a surge of emotions within them and answered firmly, “I do”!